NAF Unveils Fabricated Aircraft Devices, Holds Mobility Command Intra-Command Research and Development Competition in Abuja

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) on Thursday in Abuja unveiled some fabricated aircraft devices developed by its personnel like the reactivation and modification of the C-130H fleet nitrogen cart which was abandoned 20 years ago, Ground Support Equipment (GPU), CO-Axial Cooling Fans on Super Puma Helicopter (NAF 565), 307 EAG Flight Training Device,  and Fuel Monitoring Devices for support and maintenance of aircraft and armaments.

The fabrications were products of research works of the Nigerian Air Force Mobility Command Intra-Command Research and Development  Competition, which took place today,  25th April 2024 at 307 Executive Airlift Group, Hangar Abuja. 

Speaking at the event, the Special Guest of Honour, the Chief of Standard and Evaluation, Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Michael Onyebashi noted that the Mobility Command Research and Development Competition focus on developing new technologies and innovative solutions to enhance military mobility and aimed at providing solutions to NAF’s technical challenges. 

He added that the competition aim to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of military mobility operations, enabling the Air to rapidly deploy and maneuver forces in various environments. 

"We rely on technology for most of the things that we do. And so, it is not far fetch, but we will be very much interested in technology and research and development. Yes, it is. Because what we have found out is that we have a lot, a pool of highly talented people, which we believe that we are harnessed together to go a long way in meeting up with our technological challenges.


"It may interest you also to know that technology is very expensive. And so, you cannot continue to depend on outsiders to help you do your job.  The more you control some of the things you do, the better for you."he said 

AVM Onyebashi also said he is excited to see some of the devices displayed at the competition and he is optimistic that if NAF continue in this drive, there are so many thing NAF will do as an addition to already inducted platforms. He also emphasize personnel training in which the Chief of Air Staff doesn't take for granted. 

He said that apart from the assessment, the competition was also aimed at exchanging of ideas and giving feedback for improvement of projects. He urged the personnel to take the competition seriously while translating the research projects into operational realities.

SpyeTV News report that 301, 303, 305, 307, 341 Hangar participated in the Mobility Command Intra-Command Research and Development  Competition in which 307 EAG that presented a FLIGHT TRAINING DEVICE came first runner up, 341 CIS GP that presented FUEL MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM came 2nd runner up while 303 MAG that presented  100A SMART PORTABLE GPU became 3rd runner up . 

The 1ST runner up 307 EAG FLIGHT TRAINING DEVICE is a sophisticated project designed to replicate experience of flyingan actual aircraft in a controlled environment. It consists of a cockpit replica equipped with authentic controls, instruments, and visual displays that closely mimic real-world flying conditions. It offers a safe and cost-effective means for pilots to practice a wide range of flight maneuvers, emergency procedures, and scenarios, without inherent risks associated with actual flight. It plays a crucial role in pilot training programs across various sectors, enhancing skill development, proficiency, and safety in aviation operations.

The Mobility Command, also known as the NAF Transportation Command (TRANSCOM), is responsible for overseeing the AIR FORCE transportation and logistics operations.

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