Army Commander 6 Brigade Ptomotes Peace Through Collaborators, Convenes Meeting With Southern Taraba Stakeholders

In a strategic effort to promote peace and understanding in Taraba State and environs , the Commander 6 Brigade and Sector 3 Operation Whirl Stroke (OPWS), Brigadier General Kingsley Chidebere Uwa has initiated a non-kinetic operations as he convened a crucial meeting with stakeholders from Southern Taraba State.

The meeting, which was held on 11 March 2023 at Fyfa Global Resource Event Center in Takum, served as a platform to foster dialogue and cultivate collaboration between the military and local communities. 

Recognizing the importance of cooperation in addressing prevailing challenges in the general area, General Uwa sought to establish a strong foundation of trust and understanding among all parties involved.

6 Brigade Army Public Relations,Acting Assistant Director Lt Oni Olubodunde said in a press statement that Tlthrough these non-kinetic operations, the Commander 6 Brigade aims to go beyond traditional military approaches and explore alternative strategies to maintain peace and stability in the area by engaging critical stakeholders to build lasting relationships based on mutual respect, shared interests and a common vision for a prosperous  Taraba State. 

The meeting witnessed the active participation of key stakeholders within the Six Local Government Areas, including community leaders, representatives from civil society organizations, and influential members of the public. Their valuable insights and perspectives were crucial in shaping the discussions and strategies for future collaboration.

Addressing the Stakeholders,  General Uwa, expressed his unwavering commitment to fostering a peaceful environment in Southern Taraba. He emphasized the significance of joint efforts between the military and local communities in overcoming challenges, promoting development and ensuring the safety and well-being of the people.

He revealed that  6 Brigade and OPWS  will continue to engage in non-kinetic operations to further strengthen the bonds between the military and the local community. By leveraging dialogue, understanding and cooperation, this initiative he noted seeks to create a harmonious and prosperous environment for development.                                                         ,                              While thanking the Commander for the military's prompt responses to issues within the region, the  Stakeholders expressed appreciation for the military's initiative in reaching out to engage with communities directly. 

They highlighted various security concerns, socioeconomic development, and intercommunal tensions that require concerted efforts to resolve. They also underscored the significance of building trust and understanding between the military and civilian populations to foster long-term peace and stability.

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