'Military Views Every Civilian Death in the Cause of Operations as a Tragedy' - DHQ Reacts to Air Strike on Ligarma Village in Kaduna

.... Nigerian military does its best at all times to distinguish between civilians and terrorists

The Defence Headquarters has said the Nigerian military views every civilian death in the cause of operations as a tragedy. Such tragedies are needless and unwanted, which causes the armed forces to take extensive measures to avoid them.  

Director, Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba disclosed this on Tuesday in a press statement made available to SpyeTV on air strike at Ligarma, Kaduna State. 

According the Director, Defence Media Operations, on 3 Dec 2023, at about 2200hrs and based on untoward activities by terrorist, the Nigerian Army NA UAV detachment observed the movement of terrorists at Ligarma, a terrorist-infested area of Kaduna State.

He noted that the Aerial surveillance captured the movement of groups of persons synonymous with terrorist tactics and modus operandi. 

"The observed advance of the terrorists that was gathered posed a threat to key infrastructure within reach of the onward activities. Accordingly, the threat was eliminated to prevent the terrorists from unleashing terror on innocent civilians. 

"It should be noted that terrorist often deliberately embed themselves within civilian population centres for the civilian population to bear the consequences of their atrocities. Nevertheless, the Nigerian military does its best at all times to distinguish between civilians and terrorists.' he stated

He stressed that One such measure taken by the military is to continually give precise instructions to communities. For instance, communities are to always alert troops of their activities particularly when such a community is known to be infested with terrorist and their sympathisers. These instructions are intended to enable the military to distinguish between friendly and untoward activities.  

He reinstated that the armed forces will continue to operate consistent with international law as it always has done. It will also continue its determined and cautious progress in eradicating terrorists from our land.

These terrorists as part of their tactics disguise themselves as civilians to perpetrate terror.  Accordingly, we will continue to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the conduct of operations. 

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