Air Chief Charges Personnel to Maintain High Level of Physical and Mental Readiness, Conduct 2023 annual 10km Walk/Jog Exercise

The Chief Of The Air Staff,  Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar has charged airmen and airwomen, whether deployed in an operational theatre or undertaking routine tasks, to always maintain a high level of physical and mental readiness, noting that the success of the Nigerian Air Force directly reflects on their skills and competence which are also tied to their physical, mental and intellectual wellbeing which is essential to attaining overall objective. 

Air Marshal Abubakar said this today, at the 2023 annual 10km Walk/Jog Exercise held at the NAF Valley in Abuja. 

The exercise also took place across all other NAF Bases and in Abuja kicked-off from NAF Base, Asokoro Football Field to Defence Headquarters Roundabout, down to Keffi Road/Kugo Furniture And Pedestrian Bridge - Army Checkpoint Kugbo, and back to Base via the NAF Valley Second Gate. 

Air Marshal Abubakar noted that Personnel must be physically fit and mentally stable in order to ensure the 5key enablers to add impetus to his philosophy to fruition,  which are optimizing force structure and establishment for enhanced operational effectiveness, deliberate training and mission-oriented force development as well as proactive logistics support and strong maintenance culture, prioritizing R&D leveraging cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships and lessons learnt and maintaining a highly motivated force by enhancing welfare and infrastructural renewal. 

The Air Chief pointed out that like other nations, citizens depend on the Armed Forces to be fit, healthy, and be able to perform at the peak on and off the battlefield,  hence while physical fitness is important to everyone, it is critical for us as military personnel as it prepares us for the occupational demands of our roles. 

He stressed that sporting activities such as the 10 Km Walk/ Jog are critical in ensuring that personnel continue to maintain high levels of physical fitness and mental alertness for operational readiness and effectiveness. 

"Indeed, the health benefits of keeping fit at all times are even more rewarding as this can lead to improved sleep, decreased risk of depression and anxiety, decreased risk of chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and reduced symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

"Being always fit also helps build cardiovascular endurance, agility, flexibility, coordination and balance, among other benefits, towards efficiently and effectively performing our military duties." he said

He added that sporting events like the 10 Km Walk/jog also aim at promoting peaceful coexistence amongst personnel and their families as well as serve as an avenue for discovering new talents for other national and international sporting events. 

"The Walk/Jog also afford us the opportunity to engage the large Base youth population positively. The need for us therefore as well as members of our families to all engage in scheduled and unscheduled sporting activities cannot be over-emphasized.

He congratulated the Nigerian Air Force male and female volleyball teams who recently gained promotion to the elite Division One and Premiere League respectively in the Nigerian National Volleyball League.

He also recognised the exceptional performances of NAF21/39453F ACW Bulus F and NAF21/40187F ACW Abba A, who both distinguished themselves during the Nigerian National Volleyball League Division One as the best spiker and best server respectively.

The air Chief also commended personnel who were selected to participate in the World Military Wrestling Game at Azerbaijan as well as Nigerian Air Force Football Team playing in the Nigerian National League and Female Basketball Team that qualified to represent AFN in the World Military Games.

He acknowledged the winners of 2023 annual 10M Walk/Jog Exercise and those who have shown outstanding endurance and talent, pushing themselves to their limits to secure victory. 

The air Chief noted that victory is not solely defined by medals and trophies. He said, every participant that completed the route, regardless of the timing, embodies the essence of the military fighting spirit. Indeed, it takes discipline, determination, and courage to persevere in the face of challenges until the mission is accomplished. "You may not have taken home the gold today, but you are a winner for fighting till the end. A round of applause for yourselves."

At the end of the 10M Walk/Jog Exercise, winners are Yakubu Isaac won best Timing Dependant een Male,  with 38.36, Miss Bassey Helena won Best Timing Dependant female with 58.30, CPL Folarin ET won Prince Interior and Furniture 36.16, ACW Choji won best timing Joggers, Best Timing Walker MWO Simon PA,  and WO Lawrence. C

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