It Is Time For Inibehe Effiong, A Social Media Lawyer, To Stop Misleading The Public By Kelvin Adegbenga

I came across a piece of news this morning with “Public Interest Lawyer Kicks as Police Spokesperson Threatens Twitter User with Repealed Cybercrime Law” as the headline.

The most annoying of the news is the name attached to Inibehe Effiong, the public interest lawyer!

How is Inibehe Effiong Public interest lawyer, only inciting his social media members against the Constitution of Nigeria? No wonder he has never won a single case in a court in Nigeria.

Cybercrimes (Prevention and Prohibition) Act, 2015 as amended is very clear, especially under the new Act, posts which are injurious to a person’s reputation are no longer a crime. The new Act limits the offence of cyberstalking to messages sent by means of a computer which are:

(a) pornographic;

(b) a threat to the life of another; or

(c) likely to lead to a breakdown of law and order.

I recall that controversy began when the police spokesperson posted a picture frame of the past Inspectors-General of Police in the country to celebrate them

Adejobi captioned the frame, “Former and current indigenous IGPs in Nigeria. We celebrate you all (living and late)”

But responding, a user identified as Lord Drey tweeting as @HommiesDrey described the former IGPs as “Living and late criminals from the most corrupt civil organisation in the entire multiverse.”

Responding, the force spokesman wrote, “You will repeat it with evidence soon. It’s a matter of time.”

When tagged further by another user on the platform, Adejobi said Lord Drey “needs to prove that all the past IGPs are corrupt or criminals. It’s a simple thing.”

He wrote, “He should know that the only court that has jurisdiction over the Cybercrime Prohibition Act (Offences) is the Federal High Court. You gerrit?”

In another tweet, Adejobi wrote, “We need to understand that many Nigerians are not aware or deliberately claim to be ignorant of the law against cyberstalking or cyberbullying or fake news, most especially the Cybercrime Prohibition Act of 2015.

“We always like to wade in sentiments when the law is being enforced. It’s high time we faced the reality. Many victims of cyberstalking and the like are now aware of the act, and they are ready to pursue their cases. Simple.”

Lord Drey tweeting as @HommiesDrey tweet can lead to a breakdown of law and order as we have seen in the past where people’s properties were burnt down because they were labelled “criminals.

I am surprised that the social media lawyer, Inibehe Effiong could say “Nigerians should ignore the Force PRO”.

It is time Inibehe Effiong stopped misleading the public that he should be ready to face the disciplinary committee of the National Judicial Council as well as the Nigerian Bar Association. A word is enough for the wise.

Kelvin Adegbenga is a public affairs analyst and can be reached at; X- @kelvinadegbenga

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