My Story In PSC Is That Of The Power Of Strategic Leadership And Effective Diplomacy In Overcoming Challenges - Arase

The Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Dr. Solomon Arase CFR, retired Inspector General of Police says the story of his sojourn in the Police Service Commission has been that of the power of strategic leadership and effective diplomacy in overcoming challenges. 

Dr. Arase who spoke at a two-day induction ceremony of new Members of the Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management (CIPD&M) where he was also confered with an award of Executive Fellow of the Institute in Abuja, said that in the annals of the Commission's history "one of the most formidable issues we confronted was the perpetual conflict between the Commission and the Nigeria Police Force regarding the rights to the recruitment of constables". 

After the supreme Court decision affirming the exclusive rights of the Commission but recognising the indispensable role of the Nigeria Police Force in this crucial process, " a diplomatic and pragmatic solution became imperative", he observed.

He noted that the ground breaking initiative to establish the Police Recruitment Board ensured representation from both the Commission and the Police and extending Membership to key stakeholders such as the Police Trust Fund, the Federal Character Commission, Ministry of Police Affairs and Police Training Institutions. 

The PSC Chairman said he sought to reconcile the divergent interests and bring an end to the long standing issues surrounding Police Recruitment. 

He declared; "maintaining an open door has been the cornerstone of our leadership philosophy. All staff Members are encouraged to approach me with their ideas, challenges, work and personal matters"

According to him " this commitment to transparent communication, coupled with the equitable distribution of resources has fostered a culture of trust and collaboration within the Commission".

Dr. Arase noted that the resolution of the institutional conflict between the Commission and the Police served as a testament to the transformative power of diplomatic leadership in organizational governance. 

"It underscores the importance of adaptability, strategic vision and effective communication in steering an organisation through complex challenges" 

He called on his audience to draw inspiration from "this chapter in our collective journey and renew our commitment to the principles of diplomacy for sustained growth and prosperity of our organisations and our nation"

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