MOHBAD Travails: Beyond Contractual Conflict Marlians Might be Cultists By OOA

Mohbad is Dead

Nigerian singer MohBad, born Promise Oladimeji Aloba PK/A Mohbad (Imole), tragically passed away at the age of 27. Music executive Ovie made known the heartbreaking news on X (formerly known as Twitter) on a fateful Tuesday evening, saying, “Confirmed. MohBad is dead. Sad, sad day. R.I.P.” The news of his untimely demise was later officially confirmed by his management team via a statement on social media. A heartfelt statement was later posted on MohBad’s Instagram account,

Insinuations About his Death

The fast growing superstar controversial death has been trailed with series of insinuation. While some accused Naira Marley and Sam Larry of killing him, some accused Olamide and some others linked Sam Larry to Oba Elegunshi, insuniating boys working for Elegushi might have killed him. Though, Elegunshi has distance himself from sam Larry in a press statement released recently. Aside that, some were of the opinion that the guys who carried his corpse in their car and the Nurse who gave him injection for the supposedly ear infection could be responsible for his sudden death. Some others also alleged spiritual attack on this late talent. Additionally, his family has alleged that his wife might know something about his death.

Mohbad Foresaw the Future

It also note worthy to mention that Mohbad himself, before his untimely death, has cried out so many times alleging series of threat to his life. These series of cries, their contest and undertone needed deep assessment and analysis to know what the popular singer, in his bid to ‘ blow’ might have gotten himself into when alive. Secured Naija is not alleging this gentle soul of sorcery, but maybe he has been forced to enter into some unholy agreement beyond contractual agreement.

This was also focal in one of his interviews on a radio station where he advised young artistes not to rush or be in a hurry, saying when they rushed, they might find themselves where they don’t want to be. This statement is so deep and very pregnant.

Mohbad is a gentle soul, seems to be God fearing as he most of the times dedicates his song to God or his songs always have spiritual undertone. He personally confirmed that he was from an humble background and always give thanks to God for the grace upon his life. His other nickname is also IMOLE, meaning Light. He was also quoted at a time saying he was not a prophet, but that he could see the future. Some of his song lyrics also talked about that and rest thereafter. Looking at his spiritual disposition, his prophetic utterances, and the series of attacks on his person by Marlians after he left the label in 2022, the intensity of these attacks, the physical assaults and his series of call out needed to be assessed with a microscopic pen.

Beyond Contractual Agreement, More of Cultism Related Relationship

This is because the whole narratives seems to be beyond a normal contractual disagreement, or master to apprentice disagreement, but more of spiritual disagreement, which cannot be easily broken, unless by death. So, Mohbad being a God fearing person, knowing the implication of such unholy relationship, could have decided to back out from this spiritual entanglement which is not in line with his kind of person and his beliefs. This his step could have annoyed his master and other members of the group, which made them to fight him dirty using all means. If it is contractual break out, the fight will be between him and Naira Marley only and possibly, only on the media space. The nature of the battle looks like when a drug warlord is pursuing a disloyal lieutenant who has taken an oath to remain loyal and silent, but later started to vomit. It is deep.

The controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo also toed our lane as she recently ignited controversy by suggesting that the untimely demise of Nigerian singer Mohbad may be linked to his alleged involvement in a cult and drug abuse. Secured Naija not doubting this fact.

His Fears Revealed in His Songs

It could be recalled that MOHBAD wife, spoke about how he lived his life throughout his lifetime. She said, “He struggled till death; too many pains, threatening (sic). He always lived in fear; and continuously fought everywhere he went to. He was never happy for a whole day. He was called a junkie and mad person so that the public would have another view of him. He is dead now, so you have won; take your trophy.”

Omowunmi added that the singer’s worries doubled after the birth of their five-month-old son, Liam’’ She said he was afraid about their wellbeing, that he even told them to travel out of the country so that he could fight the fight by himself. Secured Naija looked deeply into this statement of fighting the fight by himself which could mean there are spiritually related issues connected with his travails. The fact that the closest person to him said he always lived in fear throughout his lifetime seems strange and needed to be looked into. If it is only contractual conflict, this should not lead to living in fear everyday, it could however affect his financial flow but the issue of leaving in fear throughout, is out of it, to the extent of wanting his family to run from the toxic environment, possibly afraid of or expecting a spiritual attack which he doesn’t want his family to partake in. It could also be that he knows the calamity the forces he was engaging in battle with could cause, hence ensuring he protected his family.

In one of his songs titled Feel Good, Mohbad said, ‘’ all the enemy wey dey follow me, maje kan mumi ( Don’t allow them to catch up with me), even if na last minute’’. In another song, titled sorry, he apologised to his daddy for some of his misadventures. He alleged a step mum of not being caring, in short, the song is a summary of his life. But the most important aspect is when he borrowed a line from Orlando Owoh, asking if the driver is driving him forward or backward??? A symbolic statement which could mean if his boss is helping him or destroying him.

In another song titled, feel good, he said, I know there is a day all my pains will go away. He said abere malo, kona okun todi, odi oju ala kato rira wa. Meaning, no matter what, the niddle will have its way before the thread gets stocked, affirming that holy ghost has covered him. He further said, We shall see ourselves in the dream, a Yoruba emotional statement during the burial of a loved one.

In Beast and Peace, he said in the lyrics, ‘’you don’t have to hurt me before you win, you don’t have to kill somebody before you win’’. In adura, he prayed to God to answer his prayers because 2022 was near. The year he left marlian Label. He further prayed that the enemy should not be able to catch up with him saying he was looking for what to eat, asking God not to meet what will consume him. He prayed that his parents would not cry over him, what an irony.

Furthermore, in his song Peace, he asked somany questions accusing someone, ‘’ which kind person be this, faster than a bullet, flying like a rocket. He also affirmed that he has been through so many challenges and dealing with so many friend enemies.

These are some of his songs many of which are emotionally laden and followed the same trajectory. People might say they are just songs, its just to create lyrics and rhythms, however, as a writer, I am aware that no creation comes without a motivation or an undertone. Hence, all these put together are pointer to a deeper spiritual undertone. It also look like as if he knew he wouldn’t live long.

Too Late to be Heard

However, the most important thing was that he has always spoken out of his ordeals in the hands of his boss, friends and his colleagues at marlian label. While the most painful and unfortunate thing was that nobody seems to be hearing the silent pains revealed in all his songs. Even in his reality videos, people were silent and nobody called his enemies out even when they know where the problems were coming from. He was said to have written to the Police at a time, nothing seems to happen but after his death, people were showing affections which could not bring him back to life. The police even revealed their willingness to get to the root of the cause of his death, even if there is the need to evacuate his corpse. Nevertheless, all will still never bring him back to live again.

Bella Shmurda Tribute

In his recent tribute to Mohbad, Bella Shmurda a very close friend of Mohbad, possibly attacking marlian said, some people are bad omen, some of them are bad influence who doesn’t have conscience.

However, in a leaked conversation between the late artiste and Omowunmi, he expressed unhappiness that she was often at loggerheads with his mother. It was also stated that the late singer often forgot little details, such as his phone password, song lyrics, and account number.

Our Opinion

Mohbad ordeal was more of spiritual which could have emanated from unimaginable secret activities with the marlians. The war was more than the war of contractual disagreement, we opined. We therefore joined thousands of Nigerians, not to allege that Marlians and co killed MOHBAD, but requesting that Marlian Records be thoroughly investigated because they have some secret dangerous activities they could be engaging in which might include but not limited to cultism, drug and other menace.

While we call on other victims of bullying, artiste under unfavourable agreement to speak up and ask for help, we hereby join other fans of Mohbad to say, may his soul rest in peace. His death is so painful but judgement is left to God Almighty

OOA is the Chief Creative Officer of Secured Naija. He writes from Lagos

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