Exercise Star Ride: AWCN Gears Up For Comprehensive Training, Prepares Participants of Course 7/2023 For Contemporary Security Challenges

The Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) has started a strategic military exercise, code-named "Exercise STAR RIDE designed to equip participants of AWCN Course 7/2023 with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively respond to contemporary security challenges facing the Nation. 

Speaking with journalists on Monday, Commandant Major General Ishaya Buba Maina said the exercise, which integrates various aspects of national security, interagency coordination, logistics planning, counter-terrorism, and stabilization operations, represents the culmination of the extensive training packages offered by the College. 

Major General Maina said the participants will have the opportunity to practice the planning, preparation, and execution of these critical aspects as commanders and staff under diverse operational scenarios at the highest level.

The Commandant who provided more insights into the ongoing exercise emphasized the significance of Exercise STAR RIDE in preparing the operational level leaders to tackle the complex and evolving security landscape in the country.

"Exercise STAR RIDE is a pivotal element of our commitment to nurturing strategic leaders capable of addressing the multifaceted security challenges our nation faces today," Major General Maina stated. 

"This exercise allows our participants to apply the knowledge they've gained throughout their course and empowers them to make informed decisions in high-pressure situations."

"By participating in this exercise, our course participants will not only enhance their skills but also contribute to the overall readiness of our armed forces," General Maina added people that they will apply the lessons learned here to effectively address the security challenges our nation faces."

The exercise reflects the AWCN's dedication to developing leaders who can work collaboratively across different agencies and domains to safeguard national security. The exercise is expected to finish tomorrow 26 September 2023, providing participants with intensive training and practical experience that will shape them into effective leaders capable of addressing national security with confidence acompetenciesces.

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