Abubakar Momoh: Minister for TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram By John Mayaki

There’s a double standard in people’s perceptions and reactions to President Bola Tinubu’s appointment of Hon. Engr. Abubakar Momoh as the Minister of Youth - Development and Empowerment.

On one hand, there’s no objection to non-youth individuals in roles related to the Ministry of Youth, like civil servants in the bureaucracy. These roles provide services and support for youth-related issues despite their age. 

However, complaints arise when an older individual becomes the Minister of Youth. If non-youths can work in the ministry, why criticize an older person in a higher role? For instance, what’s the age of the Permanent Secretary, ministry of youth? Who cares to ask? 

The age of the Minister is disproportionately highlighted and criticized, despite the presence of older individuals in various capacities in the said ministry. This observation underscores inconsistency in reactions and raises questions about the real motivations behind the criticism.

Absolutely, the phrase “age is just a number” suggests that age doesn’t define capabilities, experiences, or contributions. Consider experience, skills, knowledge, and ability, especially in roles focused on results and positive impacts, not stereotypes.

In government appointments, appointing a seasoned Minister of Youth might seem paradoxical. But a compelling array of arguments supports the choice, painting a picture of unexpected harmony and purpose.

The first brushstroke in this portrait is the wealth of experience and wisdom that comes with years. Like a venerable oak, Abubakar Momoh carries the seeds of insight sown by navigating life’s labyrinth. As the steward of youth-related policies, this offers not mere conjectures, but a panoramic perspective, drawing from lessons engraved by time. This wisdom guides him away from inexperience, enabling well-informed decisions.

A bridge between generations emerges - a second stroke of the brush. This elder statesman becomes more than a minister; he becomes an inter-generational conduit, fostering nuanced conversations between the vigor of youth and the broader panorama of society. Through his gentle guidance, he’ll mend misunderstandings, crafting policies that harmonize the needs of every age according to President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope agenda manifesto. 

Within this figure lies the artist’s touch of mentorship and guidance. The years etched into his story have nurtured an unparalleled capacity to nurture others. As a mentor, he gracefully shares the compass of wisdom, guiding young minds through life’s challenges. In the corridors of challenge, he offers a lantern of inspiration, lighting the way beyond TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

The Minister of Youth, an ambassador of holistic change, walks a path that intersects with numerous government domains. Education, employment, social services—each weaves into the other. Here, the aged minister shines. His seasoned understanding fosters holistic solutions, each policy’s ripples touching the farthest reaches of governance.

His stability and long-term vision weaves into this portrayal. With a life’s worth of experiences, Minister Momoh is poised to sow seeds that bear fruit for present and future generations. The allure of short-term gains yields to fostering sustainable and enduring policies.

Across the canvas of governance, a dance of cross-generational collaboration ensues. Momoh, the more matured statesperson, partners with youths - a partnership capable of enriching policy-making discourse. The minister’s mature wisdom blends with the innovative cadence of youth, creating a harmonious symphony that resonates with every age group.

This appointed figure dons the cloak of credibility and authority, adorned with medals of life experience. This minister commands respect and reverence across all segments of society. His journey shapes him into an emblem of reliability, lending weight to his proclamations and decisions.

Beneath this portrait lies the foundation of lifelong learning—a hallmark of humanity unbound by age. Minister Momoh’s heart remains open to new ideas, his spirit receptive to evolving technologies. In an ever-shifting world, he embraces change, seeking to address the dynamic challenges that unfold before the eyes of youth, and this includes using platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram among several others. 

This experienced minister possesses a unique lens—one that peers into the pages of history and discerns the systemic origins of youth challenges. Armed with this insight, he wields the power to enact changes that strike at the root, promising transformation across generations.

The final flourish upon this canvas is the aspiration for diversity. Government, an embodiment of society, must mirror its people. An assembly of varied ages fosters well-rounded decision-making. Momoh stands as an emblem of this diversity, a testament to the vibrant hues that make a government complete.

His suitability - qualifications, vision, approach, and the ever-evolving needs of government and society form the palette against which Momoh’s portrait is painted. It is a portrait that transcends stereotypes, defies convention, and reminds us that leadership is as intricate and diverse as the lives it touches.

Oh, of course! Because when we’re talking about the serious business of governance, who needs fresh perspectives and innovative ideas? Kindergartens, after all, are just breeding grounds for creativity and open-mindedness. Clearly, the only way to tackle the complex challenges of our time is to appoint a seasoned hand like Momoh as the Minister of Youth - Development and Empowerment. 

Because what could be more appropriate than entrusting the future of our young generation to someone who’s practically seen it all? Decades of experience navigating a world that was probably black and white back then definitely qualifies him to understand the colorful lives of today’s youth.

And let’s not forget the invaluable role in bridging the gap between generations. Who needs a youthful perspective when you can have someone who’s mastered the art of sending a fax and deciphering hieroglyphics? His guidance is sure to resonate deeply with the TikTok generation.

Mentorship, you say? Well, naturally, our youth-friendly minister can impart his ancient scrolls of wisdom upon the youth. After all, he lived through times when “googling” something involved flipping through a hefty encyclopedia.

And when it comes to understanding the complexities of modern youth issues, who better than our seasoned minister to see the bigger picture? He had seamlessly transitioned from rotary phones to smartphones, so he’s uniquely qualified to handle the intricacies of social media and online activism.

Stability, you say? Oh, absolutely. Because what our ever-evolving world really needs is someone who can cling to the stability of the past like a barnacle on a ship. Short-term gains? Yes, who cares about those when you can sow the seeds of sustainable policies that may or may not bear fruit by the time they turn 100?

Cross-generational collaboration? Well, naturally, because the delicate waltz between age-old wisdom and the techno-tango of today’s youth is best choreographed by someone who remembers the pre-Internet era like it was yesterday.

So, there you have it. The wisdom of appointing Momoh as the Minister of Youth - Development and Empowerment is as clear as day. Because, clearly, the vibrant energy of youth and the forward-thinking approach of tomorrow’s leaders can only be understood by someone who used to walk to school uphill both ways of Okpekpe and Imeagba, without shoes. Hats off to Hon. Engr. Abubakar Momoh for proving that age is just a number, and a really big one at that! Just as governance is not about tweeting, facebooking, tiktoking, and instagramming.

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