IGP Relaunches Police-VGS App For Quick Response System, Emergency Reporting

In a bid to improve on the effective quick emergency reporting and response system in the Nigeria Police system, the acting Inspector-General of Police, Ag IGP Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun has Re-launched the Police-VGS, a solution to report of kidnapping, robbery attack, medical emergency, car theft, rape or any natural disaster in the society.

Speaking at the unveiling of the Police-VGS, the IGP Egbetokun said, the Police-VGS is part of effort to digitalised and modernised policing in Nigeria for effective fight against crime.

He said, this is a ground breaking initiative that represent a pivotal milestone in Nigeria police  commitment to providing top notch security service and smart policing to all residents across Nigeria.

IGP Egbetokun noted that this state of the art platform utilizing Android and IOS applications will revolutionalised the way we respond to emergency situations, ensure swift and resistance action in critical moment. 

"This innovative system reflect our commitment to enhancing public safety both straight security fostering a several environment for every Nigerian citizen.

"The POLICE-VGS marked a significant step forward in our effort to move away from analog policing and stay in tune with current happenings in the global system. 

"It is not about taking advantage of technology, it represent the epitome of our commitment to the security and safety of members of the public in Nigeria."he said.

The IGP therefore Urged every one residents in Nigeria to embrace the new innovation while heartedly.

Demonstrating and presenting the VGS Application, Mrs Okeke Ify explained that this reporting app can be done in silent mode without the knowledge of the Criminals. The user can upload images of the scene and via dynamic forms transmit critical incident information to the command center. 

She said, the web dispatcher component is installed at the command centre (control room), the VGS dispatcher receives incident signals and automatically reads the exact location of the person reporting the incident as well as receive live vide Jance of the crime scene.

She explained that the "Escort Me" feature on the App enables an individual or Under Cover Agent on assignment to pre- set the mobile reporter to start recording and transmitting live audio and visual streams to the control centre after at time without the target knowing.

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