Army War College Nigeria Exposes Participants to Real-life Military Operations, Tactics, Embark on Geo-Strategic Study Tour

Participants of Course 7/2023 Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) have embarked on a Geo-strategic Study Tour (GSST) to Uganda, Morocco, Togo and Algeria. 

The objective of the tour with the theme “ Protection of Critical National Assets and Infrastructure of National Defence”* is to expose participants to the sphere of influence Nigeria has within its geo-strategic environment. 

According to the College Public Relations Officer, Major Hashimu Sa'ad Abdullahi, the tour which commenced on June 10, 2023, will also enable the participants to understand the nexus between geo-political mechanisms and foreign policy posture of Nigeria with countries within and outside the sub-region.

Major Abdullahi said, the study tour is a vital component of the participants’ training curriculum as it provides them with practical exposure to real-life military operations, tactics, and decision-making processes. 

He said, the tour will also make the participants appreciate the security implication of Nigeria being the regional power and what should be done to maintain the status. 

Additionally, it broadens their perspectives, enhance their critical thinking skills, and enable them to apply strategic principles in practical settings.

During the tour, participants will visit different military formations, including training centres, command headquarters, and other nations’ critical infrastructures. They will also have the opportunity to interact with senior military officers, engage in discussions on operational challenges, and learn from their experiences. The participants will also visit historical sites that hold significant importance to the country’s military history.

The Exercise Director for the entire tour is the Commandant of the College Major General Bamidele Alabi while other senior staff officers are appointed to lead participants to particular country as follows:   

Team 1 led led by Brigadier General TJ Mackintosh would be visiting Uganda.

Team 2 leader visiting Morocco is Brigadier General UM Alkali, the Deputy Commandant/Director of Studies AWCN. However, Team 3 visiting Togo would be led by Brigadier General UG Yusuf and team 4 visiting Algeria would be led by Brigadier General FO Onu.

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