Nigerian Army Backs General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation's Scholarship Initiative, Sponsors 50 Dependants

As part of the Nigerian Army commitment to support Children of the fallen heroes, the Army Headquarters through its Department of Army Administration and the Nigerian Army Education Corps has pledged to support the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation with the funding of its inaugural scholarship scheme for 50 carefully selected beneficiaries as a mark of respect for the late General.   

Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Lt General Taoreed Lagbaja disclosed this today, 6th June, 2024 at the launching of the Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme for Dependant of Nigerian Army Personnel by the the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation

In his remarks, the COAS emphasized that while Army Headquarters is aware that funding is not a challenge for the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation, but will continue to assist the Foundation in identifying and screening suitably qualified candidates to benefit from this noble gesture

General Lagbaja said the launch of the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme today is another commendable initiative that will benefit the NA community, which was the late General's primary constituency

He noted that although the NA has an established scholarship scheme for the children of its deceased personnel, collaborating with the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation on this noble cause is considered a viable option as it complements NA existing efforts by covering a gap in scholarship and welfare schemes. 

"Our existing scholarship scheme focuses on children of deceased personnel only and not those of serving and retired personnel, as is the case with the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation's scheme being launched today. 

He charged the beneficiaries of the maiden scholarship award to reciprocate this noble gesture by focusing on their studies and shying away from societal ills. 

"The tertiary institution environment is filled with vices that can derail you and truncate your life aspirations. I challenge you to take this gesture as a challenge to becoming the best in whatever career path you have chosen to follow and ultimately give back to the Foundation and the larger Nigerian society in the future.

The Army Chief thanked Mrs Attahiru and the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation for the scholarship initiative and for keeping the name and legacy of the late General Ibrahim Attahiru alive and shining brighter and brighter. 

"It was Horatius Bonar, a Scottish churchman and poet, who wrote the song with the wordings: "Fading away like the stars of the morning, Losing their light in the glorious sun. Thus, would we pass from this earth and its toiling, Only remembered by what we have done." By this scholarship launch, the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation has proved William Shakespeare, who posited in his famous work "Julius Caesar" that "The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones," wrong. I am happy that the good deeds of General Attahiru, by the activities of this Foundation, will live on long after him as we continue to remember him for what he has done."

In her remarks, the founder of the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation, (GIAF) and wife of the late COAS, Mrs Fati Attahiru, said that the scholarship programme would not only sponsor their education, but would also provide mentorship and roommate scholars to think big, overcome their challenges, and hopefully make a difference in the world.

She expressed happiness that the foundation started with the Nigerian Army through the command secondary schools.

Mrs Attahiru noted that the scholars will be drawn from six geopolitical zones, making sure people benefit strictly on merit, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or creed.

"It is great that there will be an alumni association. So we will hopefully see future doctors, engineers, pilots, tech gurus as alumni of the foundation's scholarship programme" she added.

She also shared the late COAS dream to become the army chief when he was a Lieutenant Colonel, urging the beneficiaries never to stop dreaming and look beyond the challenges they would face in life.

She urged them to develop the will power to respond to the happenings around them so as to be able to control what happened in life.

According to her, there are challenges we face, the trials, the tragedies and so on, but what we can control is how we react.

Only you have the power to choose to be a victim or to rise above the tides, to maintain your composure, and to keep moving forward with unwavering commitments and determination.

"Telling you a bit about my late husband and his background, is to challenge you to choose not to be a victim of your circumstances, but to build the strength and resilience to overcome any challenge that comes your way,"she said

Dignitaries at the launching of the Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme for Dependant of Nigerian Army Personnel by the the General Ibrahim Attahiru Foundation are the Governor of Plateua State and his counterpart, the governor of Niger State, former Chief of the air Staff, Retired Air Marshal Oladayo Amao, Member of 35 Regular Course, former DEPOWA President, Mrs Vicky Irabor,  senior officer of the Nigerian Army,  NAOWA President and Members of the executives among others. 

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