Army Arrests 3 in Connection With Inter-clan Violence In Nasarawa State, As Troops Take Charge

Troops of the Nigerian Army have taken decisive action to prevent further loss of life and  restored law and order to Mararaba Udege in Nasarawa Local Government of Nasarawa State following a clash between the Ambu and Eki Clans resulting in the tragic  death of 5 civilians and left others injured .

During the operation, troops engaged the warring factions resulting in the arrest of 3 identified kingpins amongst the warring parties. 

The troops also recovered one 36 Hand Grenade, one AK- 47 rifle, one Beretta Pistol, one locally fabricated gun, 2 machetes and one club with metal spikes.

The situation is presently under control as troops are now fully  deployed in the general area to bring a sense of  relief to the local populace.

The swift and decisive action of the troops will not only bring hope for lasting peace but also serve as a reminder of their dedication to protecting civilian lives and maintaining order in the face of adversity.

The Nigerian Army remains committed to working closely with local authorities and community leaders to ensure the safety and security of all residents in Nasarawa  and contiguous States.

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