Troops Recover Valuable Assets In Timbuktu Triangle, Rescue Women, Children

The sustained offensive operation by troops of the Nigerian Army to clear terrorists' enclaves in the Timbuktu Triangle  cutting across Borno and Yobe States has led to the successful  recovery of  valuable assets and the rescuing of women and children held in captivity by the terrorists. 

The terrorists, who abandoned their enclaves and fled following fierce air cum artillery bombardments and ground battle, left behind MOWAG Armoured Personnel Carrier, a Canter Truck, and a Tractor. 

Additionally, 44 civilians including  women and children who had been held captive in the area were rescued by the courageous troops.

The rescued women and children were provided with  immediate relief,  including  new clothings to give them a sense of comfort and dignity, as they begin their journey to freedom. 


They have been handed over to the Borno State Ministry of Women Affairs, where they will be administered.

The daring operation did not only lead to the recovery of vital resources, but also brought hope and freedom to innocent women and children who have been trapped in the midst of conflict.

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