PCRC to Honour Slain Inspector Sunday Baba in Rivers State …Wife demands for justice

The National Chairman, of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Alhaji Mogaji Ibrahim, has said the PCRC will be supporting and honouring the late Inspector Sunday Baba who was killed in an unclear circumstance at Rumulomeni in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area last week Wednesday.

Alhaji Ibrahim said this when the PCRC Rivers State led by its Chairman, Voke Emore on Tuesday visited the family of the slain Inspector in his home. 

In an interview with Journalists, the PCRC Chairman, Voke Emore said, “We came here to condole with the family. Is quite unfortunate that some people that laid down their lives to protect and serve the country and protect citizens and their property, will come out, at the end of the day, their families will lose them its very sad incident.

“We want to show them that we appreciate their service,that the efforts their sons,daughters are putting in policing especially in Rivers State.x

“I got the call from the National Chairman, of PCRC, Alhaji Mogaji Ibrahim, he said my state Chairman go and visit this family,we want to support them,we want to honour them,we want to make sure the country know we appreciate them.

“So we came here onbehalf of PCRC National and Rivers State to condole with this family .We also want to appeal to everybody that can reach out to this family. As you heard the wife said earlier,this man has left two daughters,one in nursery and one in primary.These are very young people,we cannor do it by ourselves alone.

“We are calling on the Rivers State Governor,Sim Fubara to also assist the family just like other Policemen are compensated.We believe that this family deserve compensation.They are here,they are in Elele where we came to visit them today.Let us try as much as possible,any NGO,anybody can support this family, they need all the support .

“Is quiet unfortunate,this week we have had two incidents,Inspector Christina Erekiere,she also died in active duty,on her duty post people came and attacked her.That is unfortunate,it is not right,it is quite unfortunate that this is happening.

“We cannot keep on killing the people that has pledged to serve us,people that has pledged to do the work for us.

“If Policemen stop you on the road at a check point,you stop and answer any question they have.There is no need to kill anybody.If you have an issue,we have the control room number,the PPRO numbers are everywhere,the Force PPRO’s number is everywhere.We can always reach out if these men do not do their jobs properly but killing them is out of place.

“We are suppose to encourage them. They are human beings just like us. They are not animal and supposed to be taken care of”.

Peace Sunday wife of the slain Inspector in an interview described her husband as very lovely man

She said, “I have two children,two girls.Sunday is a kind man,a lovely man and cares for his children.When he comes back from work,anywhere he is going,he carry his children.

“Even when I open my mouth to say where are you people going to, he will laugh and say I am jealous.

“I need justice over my husband’s death. He is not suppose to die like that. I also need assistance,I dont have a helper,my children are still young. He cares for his children,he said anywhere they will go in life,he will suffer to train them. But see where death has land me and my children”.

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