Force Commander Awards MNJTF Medals to Outgoing Nigerian Military Staff Officers

The Force Commander, Multinational Joint Task Force ( MNJTF) Maj Gen Ibrahim Sallau Ali has awarded medals in appreciation of outgoing Military Staff Officers (MSO) from Nigeria. 

Chief Military Public Information Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Abubakar Abdullahi in a press statement explained that the medals were presented during a valedictory event today 26 April 2024 at the Headquarters  MNJTF in Ndjamena, Chad.

In his remarks, Gen Ali emphasized the invaluable experience gained by the officers through their tenure in such a multinational environment.

He pointed out that working in such setup not only broadens one's perspectives but also enhances professional growth and adaptability. “Experience is the best asset every officer could acquire,” he stated, urging them to continue applying their positive experience wherever their careers might take them next. 

The event concluded with Gen Ali congratulating the officers on being awarded the MNJTF medal, a symbol of their hard-won achievements and the high regard in which they are held. 

He expressed his best wishes for their future endeavors, confident in their continued success and contribution to peace and security, wherever they may go.

Col Abdulaziz Ude, speaking on behalf of the outgoing MSOs, reflected on the supportive and enriching experience at the Headquarters MNJTF. 

He assured their commitment to acting as proud ambassadors of the MNJTF, carrying forward the lessons and leadership insights gained under Gen Ali’s command.

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