"You Will Surely Pay" - CDS Tells Killers in Okuama Community As 17 Slain Personnel Buried Amidst Tears in Abuja

The Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, General Christopher Gwabin Musa has vowed to him down and bring perpetrators of violence to justice in order to restore peace and security to every nook and cranny of our dear nation. 

General Musa made this vow today, Wednesday  27th March 2023 at the burial ceremony of Nigerian army personnel killed-i-Action at Okuama Community Delta Statr at National Militray Cemetery Abuja.  

"To the perpetrators of violence who seek to sow division and fear among our people, know this: our resolve will not waver. We will hunt you down, we will bring you to justice, and we will.  Your evil actions may cause pain and suffering, but they will never extinguish the spirit of unity and resilience that burns within us.

"These fallen heroes exemplified the very best ofservice to nation and the love for country. They were the vanguards of peace, the guardians of our freedom, and the sentinels of our security. Their selflessness and unwavering dedication to duty willforever be etched in our hearts and memories.

The CDS extends his deepest condolences to the families. "We cannot begin to fathom the pain and sorrow that you are experiencing. Please know thatyou are not alone in your griefas the entire nation and the Armed Forces mourn with you and stands ready to supportyou in every way possible. We recognize that no words can ease your pain, but we hope thatyou find solace in the knowledge thatyour loved ones made an indelible mark on our nation 's history.

"To our fallen heroes, we say thankyou. Thank you foryour unwavering commitment to duty, your sacrifices, andyour love for our nation. You served bravely, and your courage will forever be remembered. We will honouryour memory by continuing the fight against those who seek to undermine our peace and security. We will remain steadfast in our resolve to build a nation worthy ofyour sacrifice.

"The loss we feel today is immeasurable, but we must not allow it to dim the light of hope within us. Instead, let us use this moment as a rallying cry to come together as a nation, to support our armed forces, and to work tirelessly towards a Nigeria free from the grip of violence and insecurity. 

"We owe it to these fallen heroes to honour their memory by redoubling our efforts to create a safer and more prosperous nation for all. Let us build a nation where every citizen can live without fear, where communities can thrive, and where our children can grow up know Poing the true meaning of security and stability. " he noted. 

General Musa extends his deepest gratitude to personnel of the armed Forces of Nigeria for their dedication to duty. "Your commitment to defending our nation, even in the face ofgreat peril, is truly commendable. You carry the torch that ourfallen heroes have passed on, and we stand byyour side as you confront the challenges that lie ahead." 

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