Police Minister to Upgrade Additional Technical Intelligence Unit for NPF

As part of the efforts to modernize policing through integration of intelligence to crime detection and operational activities, the Ministry of Police Affairs has requested for funds to clear the outstanding COBWEBS support payments for 2018 to 2021 to enable upgrading and installation of additional Technical Intelligence Unit for the Nigeria Police Force.

Minister of Police Affairs, Senator (Dr) Ibrahim Gaidam said this today, during a working visit held on Friday 15th March, 2024 at the IGP’s Smart Conference Hall, Force Headquarters, Abuja. 

The Ministry is making efforts to seek special intervention from Mr. President to continue funding the operational activities of the West African Police Information System (WAPIS) to ensure that security challenges are adequately addressed and information sharing among law enforcement agencies regionally and globally are enhanced, as the funding of WAPIS by the European Union is expected to end by November 2024. 

He said the Ministry will invest in modernizing the Nigerian Police Force. The world around us is rapidly evolving, and law enforcement agencies must keep pace with emerging trends and technologies. We will enhance your capacity through the provision of state-of-the-art equipment, advanced training programs, and technological solutions. 

"We will foster partnerships with international organizations and friendly nations to leverage their expertise and experiences for the benefit of our officers. We must address issues such as capacity building, professional ethics, community engagement, and the use of technology to enhance our policing methods.

"In this era of rapid technological advancements, we must embrace innovation and leverage digital tools to enhance our effectiveness. Technology can assist us in crime prevention, intelligence gathering, and the investigation of complex cases. Therefore, I urge you all to explore and adopt cutting-edge technologies that can support our mission of maintaining law and order.

"Community engagement is crucial in bridging the gap between the police and the public. We must strive to build trust, foster positive relationships, and actively involve local communities in our efforts to fight crime. By working hand in hand with the people we serve, we can create a safer environment and promote a sense of ownership and responsibility for security."

He emphasized the importance of professional ethics and integrity. Senior officers and leaders of the Nigeria Police Force, must set the highest standards of conduct and lead by example. Upholding the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability is paramount to winning the trust and confidence of the Nigerian people. Let us work together to eliminate corruption and misconduct within our ranks and build a police force that is respected and admired.

The Nigerian Police Force holds a special place in the hearts of our citizens. As the primary law enforcement agency in our country, you are entrusted with the important responsibility of maintaining peace, protecting lives, and ensuring the security of our communities. Your dedication and sacrifice in the face of numerous challenges are commendable, and it is my utmost priority to support and empower you in fulfilling your duties effectively.

The Ministry is also in the process of embarking on assessment of Police Barracks nationwide to ensure that barracks are rehabilitated, reconstructed and new structures built to address the welfare of the Nigeria Police Force with the aim of boosting their morale and enhancing their operational capability. Efforts are ongoing towards audit of Police medical facilities nationwide with a view to seeking special intervention funds from Mr. President for a better-quality healthcare delivery for the Nigeria Police Personnel and their families.

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