MNJTF Troops Thwart Illegal Arms Traffiking Between Niger Republic And Nigeria

In an effort to thwart the trafficking of illegal arms across its Area of Operation, Troops of Sector 4 Multinational Joint Task Force ( MNJTF) in Kabalewa,  Niger Republic, successfully intercepted a Toyota V8 Sequoia vehicle travelling southwest  from Nigeria.

Chief of Military Public Information,  Lt Colonel Abubakar Abdullahi in a statement noted that the vehicle, found to be operated by 3 individuals identified as gunrunners,revealed a hidden compartment built into its double bottom. Inside, the troops discovered a cache of arms consisting of 4 x Rocket Propelled Guns 7, one AK-47 rifle, complete with a magazine.

Further to the arms discovery, the troops seized additional incriminating evidence from the vehicle, including 2x Nigerian license plates, 4 x bank ATM cards, 4x mobile phones, and a customs pass from the Maine Soroa border bearing the date 9/03/2024. 

The preliminary analysis of the evidence suggests these arms originated from the notorious Boko Haram terrorist group. This interception is a testament to the commitment of MNJTF in maintaining regional security and combating the illegal arms trade.

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