MNJTF Seeks More Collaboration With Chadian Air Force


In a bid to enhance its operations within the Lake Chad Basin, the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has reached out to foster collaboration with the Chadian Air Force. 

This initiative according to Chief of Military Public Information,  Lieutenant Colonel Abubakar Abdullahi has highlighted during a recent courtesy visit by th Force Commander, Major General Ibrahim Sallau Ali, to the Chief of Air Staff of Chad, Lieutenant General Idriss Amine on 21 February 2024.

 Major General Ali extended his gratitude to the Chadian Air Force for its  support of the MNJTF's mission. He emphasized the significant role that air power has played and continues to play in the ongoing multinational efforts. 

The Force Commander also briefed Gen Amine on the MNJTF’s broad range of operations, indicating both kinetic and non-kinetic efforts aiming at stabilizing the socio-security landscape of the Lake Chad region.

Responding, Lieutenant General Amine gave assurances of bolstered support to the MNJTF. He reflected on the history of cooperation, acknowledging that the Chadian Air Force has been a consistent ally to the MNJTF since its formation in 2015. 

Gen Amine expressed his commitment to enhancing this relationship and assured Major General Ali that the Chadian Air Force is prepared to intensify its operational support.

The pursuit of synergy between the MNJTF and the Chadian Air Force is a step forward in consolidating the counterinsurgency and stabilization efforts within the Lake Chad Basin. 

Given the region's complex security challenges, amplified by the activities of insurgent groups, the pooling of aerial capabilities is paramount. This collaboration signifies a concerted effort to deliver a decisive blow to insurgent operations, thereby promoting peace and security for the affected communities.

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