DEPOWA President, Mrs Oghogho Musa Sponsors 20 Barracks Women on Mammograms Screening, Holds November Edition of Health Walk in Abuja

The President of the Defence and Police Officers Wives Association (DEPOWA), Mrs Oghogho Gwabin Musa, has pledged to sponsor 20 DEPOWA women between the ages of 40 and above on Mammograms which are generally safe and mostly effective way to help detect breast cancer.

Mammography is the standard approach used to screen for breast cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends women at average risk for breast cancer should get yearly mammograms starting at age 45, then every other year starting at age 55.

The society also suggests women could choose to have mammograms as early as 40.

Mrs. Musa made the pledged today, 25 November, 2023 at the bi-monthly DEPOWA Health Walk aimed at keeping the Barrack Community fit at Mogadishu Cantonment Parade Ground. 

She noted that,  Several health organizations recommend mammography screening every 2 years for women with average risk within this age group

The IARC recommends women ages 50 to 69 have routine mammograms. This agency doesn’t recommend mammography screenings for women ages 70 to 74.

The Health Walk was attended by women from all the services and police associations. The participants marched and performed a variety of aerobic exercises, including jumping jacks, squats, and lunges.

The DEPOWA President said, "So we must engage an exercise. I know we do. The importance of this work is for you to continue at home at your own pace, answer all the time and it should be done on daily basis. You can start with 30 minutes and then rapidly.  In physical activity daily you will be more productive and that is really we do this today and here we are.

According to experts, mammograms can find changes in the breast that could be cancer long before any physical symptoms appear. 

Exercise can help soldiers’ wives to reduce stress, improve their mood, and boost their immune system. It can also help them to maintain a healthy weight and reduce their risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer,” she added.

Spye TV News reports that the bimonthly Officers’ Wives Association Walk that is now a monthly actovities being rotational among the various barracks of DEPOWA, NAOWA, NOWA, NAFOWA and NOWA Associations.

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