"NAF Demands Sustenance of Diverse Range of Credible Air Power Capabilities" - Air Chief Convenes Meeting with Defence Attachés of Allied Countries


The Chief of Air Staff, (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar has convened an important closed-door meeting with Defence Attachés of allied countries accredited to Nigeria to share his command philosophy which is, “To transform the Nigerian Air Force into an agile and resilient force that effectively meets the airpower demands of national security in all operational environments.” and to solicit their unalloyed cooperation towards realizing his vision for the Nigerian Air Force.

SpyeTV News reports that the incumbent Chief of Air Staff, (CAS), Air Marshal Abubakar Hasan who clocked 100 days in office some days back created the forum to acquaint with Defence Attachés and exchange ideas towards achieving closer defence relations with respective militaries. 

While welcoming them, Air Marshal Abubakar Hasan shared the Role of the Nigerian Air Force(NAF) in Regional Stability as an integral component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, which has consistently played a pivotal role in regional stability in Africa and the West African subregion in particular. 

He opined that there is a need for strong alliances orchestrated by Defence Attachés because the NAF’s role in tackling security challenges in concert with other security Services, demands sustenance of a diverse range of credible air power capabilities. These capabilities are often products of innovations and advancements in technology developed beyond the shores of any one country.

"As Defence Attachés representing the respective Military Services of your countries, you are charged with the task of developing and promoting the defence interests of your respective countries in Nigeria. It is thus pragmatic to pursue those interests within the context of the NAF’s aspirations. 

"By so doing you would easily sustain a synergistic and symbiotic relationship with us. It is on this note that I consider it paramount to engage with you on the all-important subject of my command philosophy. "he noted

Chief of Air Staff, (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar said he considered Defence Attachés and Advisers as crucial players in translating his vision into reality by promoting collaboration, and mutual growth between the Nigerian Air Force and their respective militaries.

He also discussed four of the Key Drivers where they can establish common ground, which are; Optimising Force Structure and Establishment for Enhanced Operational Effectiveness, Deliberate Training and Mission-Oriented Force Development, Proactive Logistic Support and Strong Maintenance Culture, and Prioritizing Research and Development Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology Strategic Partnerships and Lessons Learnt.

The CAS assured that the NAF stands ready to partner with friendly military forces on international defence and security. He also extends willingness to similar assistance to allied partners in any identified area where Nigeria's defence interests coincide. 

In attendance; the Chief of Defence Intelligence, principal staff officers of the Nigerian Air Force, and Defence Attachés of allied countries like Mali, Iran, UK, India, Ukraine, Zambia, Poland, France, Botswana, Brazil, Gambia, Egypt, South Korea, Russia, China, Japan, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Angola, Uganda, among Others

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