AWCN Course 7/2023 Participants Conduct Operational Theatre Visit to North East Operation Hadin Kai

The articipants of Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) Course 7/2023, led by the Commandant, Major General Ishaya Maina, conducted an operational theatre visit to the Theatre Command Joint Task Force North East (NE) Operation HADIN KAI (OPHK) on 31 August 2023.

The visit was a major aspect of the Operational Art and Campaigning Module of the course, which is designed to give the participants a first-hand feel of conducting estimates to review plans for an ongoing operation, in an academic setting. It is intended to teach the participants the enhanced skills developed in the course for the Operational and Tactical Estimate processes.

College Public Relations Officer, Major Hashimu Sa'as Abdullahi in a press statement disclosed that the team was received by the Theatre Commander, Major General Gold Chibuisi, who gave them a brief overview of the operations being conducted in the North East. He also highlighted some of the challenges and successes that have been achieved so far.

The visit was an opportunity for the AWCN participants to gain a first-hand understanding of the challenges and complexities of the ongoing counterinsurgency operations in the North East. It also allowed them to interact with the troops and learn about their experiences.

In his remarks, Major General Maina commended the Theatre Commander for the warm reception and its efforts in the fight against terrorism. He also expressed his appreciation to the troops for their dedication and sacrifice.

The visit was a valuable learning experience for the AWCN participants. It will help them to better understand the challenges of military operations and the importance of strategic planning. It will also help them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and command troops in future operations.

The Commandant was accompanied by Brigadier General SS Diwa, Brigadier General OA Ogunleye, Brigadier General EM Albara (Rtd), Brigadier General SOG Aremu, Colonel A Abdullahi, Colonel MO Edide, Colonel AM Dikko, and Captain (NN) Obisesan and the participants of AWCN Course 7/2023.

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