VIDEO: Warfare, Command and Capacity Building Book: Stakeholders Call for Revamp of Indigenous Book For Research in Strategies, Defence Studies

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... Army Generals, Security stakeholders Unveil Book in Honor of General Ibrahim Manu Yusuf

... As Stakeholders in security sector have called on urgent need to revive the indigenous Literature books in most of Academic institutions. 

The Former Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Faruk Yahaya (Rtd) applauded the former Commandant, Nigerian Defence Academy, Major General Ibrahim Manu Yusuf for writing on three main areas of Nigerian army commands, that is, Warfare, Command and Capacity Building, which aptly are areas that captured the relevance specialty.

General Yahaya (rtd), said this at the book presentation titled "Warfare, Command and Capacity Building", which took place on Thursday, 17th August, 2023 at the Nigerian Arym Resource Centre, Asokoro, Abuja festschrift in Honour of Major General Ibrahim Manu Yusuf (rtd), the former Commandant of Nigerian Defence Academy and a member of 37 Regular Course who joined Nigerian Army as an Armour Officer in 27th September 1985.

In his remarks, General Yahaya (rtd), a Special Guest of Honour noted that, Warfare and good Command is the most important ingredient of success in war and in everything soldiers do, it is the ingredient that encourages and compel troops to give in their best in the days of adversaries and thats how wars are won and that's how operations succeed by marching confidently inspite of diversity. 

"The essence of warfare and effective requirement for successful operations did no further emphasis in the military power such as this. Warfare or a generic terms administration is one of the principles of war. 

" Capacity building requires a little task and mission. You can't give what you don't have, sometimes you have to be in the field to properly appreciate the import of this assertion." he said. 

In his remark, the honoree, former Commandant, Nigerian Defence Academy, Major General Ibrahim Manu Yusuf thanked all dignitaries present at the book presentation, the special guests, editors and book contributors and to God for using him to achieve what has been attributed to him. 

Yusuf narrated that the compilation, painstakingly curated by academia within the precincts of the NDA, meticulously documents the valorous feats of distinguished retired military leaders, all for building the capacity of the rising cadres of junior officers.

"Furthermore, this book is an embodiment of social responsibility and a program for nurturing capabilities, a realm into which our nation has fervently invested during my tenure in service."

He commended all young military officers for their exploits in the field of operations and those sent on trainings to Royal Military Academy is yielding desired outcome. 

On the impact of the book, he noted, "We have already begun witnessing the influence of our capacity-building initiatives. One of our officers recently displayed exceptional courage during a testing exercise, wherein a rating officer faced distress overboard. The swift response of a naval officer resulted in a successful rescue within 18 minutes. This is an aspect of training that was hitherto untapped."

Earlier in their goodwill messages, the Chief of Defence, Army, Naval and Air Staffs salute the courage of Major General Ibrahim Manu Yusuf, editors and contractors to publish the book and for their vision to document a very comprehensive account of Major Gen Ibrahim Yusuf lines of service tonthe nation and mankind.

On his part, the Director General Nigerian Army Resource Centre commends the honoree for writing the book which is a testimony of what they have done for the system and for laying a benchmark.

The book reviewer, Professor Otoabasi Akpan from Akwa Ibom State University, Akwa Ibom noted that the book being launched consists 841 pages and 51 Chapters written by 52 scholars and the title of the book "Warfare, Command and Capacity Building" are three related counsels that have shared three military Institutions and operations back in history. 

"The Book was edited by Adam O. Ahmed, Jacob O. Akindapo, Onipe A. Yahaya, Nkechi E. Egbe, and Bem J. Audu", he said.

Professor Otoabasi Akpan said Warfare, Command and Capacity Building in Nigeria can "easily be found in security and defence studies book for it to be tested an how it is now and all times, there must be a high volume of tribute to a legend. The subject matter of the book is a legend and a hero".

Within few days of undergoing this training, we have witnessed commendable exploits, particularly by those cadets from NDA who were sent to the Royal Military Academy. They have gone on to achieve laurels aplenty, a testament to the training they received here in Nigeria."

One of the contributors, Professor GJ Yorums, a Senior Research Fellow, NDC, Abuja on behalf of other contributors calls for urgent need to revive the indigenous Literature books in most of Academic institutions. According to him, "we depend mostly on foreign Western academia to get our researches are getting worst in the field of strategies studies in Nigeria and in Africa, which is difficult to interrogate some of the strategies and dynamic in the continent.

Dignitaries at the events were retired military generals, service chiefs, management of Nigerian Defence Academy, Resource persons and staff of the Nigerian Army Resource Centre, honoree family members and friends of the military.

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