How a 10 years Old Girl Lives Alone in Bush For 3 Years

Affiong Sunday a 10 year old girl who hails from Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria has been living alone in the bush for over 3 years after the death of her parents. 

For the three years, her means of survival was going to hunt for bush carnel, which she takes to the village market for sale and uses the money to fend for herself. Story has it that she has an elder brother who was 10years as of then but there is no trace of him.

Someone who visited the village for a function noticed the young girl and saw the miserable condition of her living decided to reach out to a video content creator, Lucky Udu, if any help can be given to the girl. The video was made and posted on different social media platforms with the aim of getting support from the general public. 

Fortunately, a Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Chibuzor came across the video and couldn’t withhold his helping hand from reaching out to this girl.

Immediately, he requested that the girl be brought to him. For the first time in her life, she flew in a plane to lagos for the meeting with him.

After listening to the story again from the woman that brought the young girl from the village, the Pastor offered to take full responsibility of the young girl.

From there, she didn’t go back to the bush but was taken to the hospital for medical care because at the time she came, her stomach was swollen and she had some skin disorders which needed treatments.

After some days at the hospital, she was relocated to the children estate where the Pastor adopted her with other 400 children.

Currently, She has started school for the first time in her life.  

Credit - Lucky Udu's Facebook Page

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