Seun Kuti: "There is No Law that Prohibit Handcuffing Suspects" - Police Lawyer

The Nigeria Police Force has said there is no law that prohibits the use of handcuffs to restrain a suspect especially a suspect that has shown tendency of violence like Seun Kuti that has already shown act of violence by attacking and slapping a police officer in uniform and even threatened his wife in the process. 

Head of Chambers Nigeria Police Force, DCP Simon Lough SAN in a statement noted that it has become imperative to correct some misrepresentations being circulated on social media solely to garner sympathy from the public and to divert attention from the fact in issue. 

He noted that section 10(4) of Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Lagos State allows the taking of photographs of suspects arrested for identification and record purpose. 

Lough added that Seun Kuti was not paraded as erroneously alleged by his lawyers. It was his photograph, fingerprints, name and address that were taken as provided for in the law. 

"The Nigeria Police hereby assures the public and all law abiding Nigerians that the Force will not engage in media trial of the case but would carryout investigation in line with the law, professionalism and international best practices. 

"The Nigeria Police equally appeals to the defence team of Seun Kuti to desist from engaging in media trial/defence of their client and allow the judicial process take its full course. The Nigeria Police reiterate its adherence to the rule of law and the protection of rights and liberties of the citizens."he said.

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