Miss Criminal! Female Prisioners Hold Beauty Contest In Brazilian Jail

Its not easy to live with convicted murderers, drug dealer and thieves in prison. Freedom in the prison seems like heaven. At Siberian women’s correctional facility, Rio de Janeiro's Talavera Bruce prison, El Buen Pastor women's prison in Bogota, Carandiru women's detention center in Sao Paolo and many other prisons in various regions, there is something positive to take care of prisoners' nostalgia. Beauty pageants are the one event that can bring a little relief for the inmates. The final winners get prizes and sometimes the biggest prize in the prison of getting early releases from prison. 
Contestants at a beauty pageant in Bogota
Miss Penitentiary (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Miss Captivity (Lithuania), Miss Prisoner (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Miss Spring (Siberia) are the common events held in prison. The rules are the same as followed in other pageants.

Can this happe in Nigeria?

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