Concerned Deltans Accuse Health Commissioner of Extortion and Boasts of Invincibility: Onojaeme Denies, Says Claims Are 'Devoid of Truth'

Some concerned Deltans groups have alleged extortions of students seeking admission into the State Colleges of Nursing, imposition of private revenue collectors amongst other sundry by the Delta State Commissioner for Health, Hon. Joseph Onojaeme, who according to the allegation boasted that no one can Sack or suspend him, not even the State Governor, Sheriff Oborevwori.

According to reports, Mr Onojaeme was quoted to have boasted immediately after briefing journalists on the alleged extortions scandal rocking the State Colleges of Nursing. 

He was reported to have informed some of the ministry staff that since he was working on the dictates of an alleged non-state actor who recommended him for the appointment, sacking him would be the last thing the governor would do despite the comatose condition of health facilities.

A memo obtained by our correspondent with file number HA41/T/144 from the ministry dated May 27, 2024, has redeployed  the following staff under the ministry 

(1) the Chief Accountant of Central hospital, Sapele, Watite Isreal to Warri Central hospital 

(2) Umukoro Matthew from Warri Central Hospital to Delsuth

(3) Ologwa Patrick from Delsuth to Sapele Central Hospital

(4) Pham Ekpagha Ochuko from Ughelli Central Hospital to Asaba DRF. According to the memo, the deployment takes immediate effect.

According to our source, the rationale for Pharm Ekpagha deployment to the headquarters is to enable the alleged commissioner to have unhindered access to medicines which would be taken to his hospital in Ugbeyiyi, Sapele local government of Delta State.

Also, the group alleged that Mr Onojaeme had brought a school of health technology to his hometown in Ovrode in Isoko land, amidst his racket with the governor's son.

The concerned Deltans groups therefore called on the state governor to curtail Onojaeme excesses as the Commissioner has reportedly perfected plans to terminate all contracts to revenue firms and award the same to his cronies.

The groups alleged that, amid a shortage of staff,  some of the hospital staff who spoke on anonymous conditions alleged that patient turnout in the hospital has always been massive but there are not enough medical personnel to attend to them. 

When SpyeTV News contacted the Commissioner of Health, Delta State, Hon. Joseph Onojaeme on these allegations by concerned Deltans, he said the spurious allegations against him are an example of corruption fighting back.

Onojaeme said they are baseless and devoid of an iota of truth. According to him, the Ministry of Health has stopped over 200 ghost workers in the health sector and these elements are looking to fight back with devious underhanded means and peddling of false and malicious information by 'ghost' sources. 

He said he sought to improve the deteriorating health institutions in the state and stop the corruption that has become rampant in the healthcare institutions and nursing schools with the help of His Excellency,  the governor of Delta State. 

"All efforts to tarnish the good name of the honourable commissioner with these baseless accusations will come to nought. This is a hatchet job by disgruntled elements in the polity who don't want a change for the better and are hell-bent on maintaining the status quo for their selfish ends.

"We realize that there are elements who will try to peddle misinformation to the general public but this administration will not be deterred from the directives of His Excellency to actualize the M.O.R.E agenda.

"His Excellency has Zero tolerance for the wastage of government funds. His Excellency has Zero tolerance for corruption. His Excellency has not borrowed any money since his assumption into office and has been a trailblazer for judicious use of public funds." he noted

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