Military Troops Rescue Confluence University of Science and Technology Kidnapped Students, Others in Multiple Operations Nationwide

In a series of successful Counter-terrorism operations across the country, troops have delivered substantial blows to terrorist groups, rescuing several kidnap victims and compelling a notorious militant to surrender.

In the North Central region, troops deployed for the search and rescue of the abducted students of the Confluence University of Science and Technology in Osara, Kogi State, in collaboration with other security agencies and local vigilantes encountered the scouts deployed by the kidnappers in the vicinity of the Osara Forests and nearby areas, resulting to a fierce fire fight. 

The superior fire power of the troops led to the kidnappers abandoning 9 of the kidnapped students, who were subsequently rescued.

In a separate operation in North West of Zamfara State, troops demonstrated their rapid response capabilities, when they received a distress call concerning the abduction of two locals by violent extremists in Danzara Village, Kanoma District, within the Maru Local Government Area. 

The extremists, who had seized the victims in a red Golf car, were pursued by the troops. A confrontation ensued, forcing the kidnappers to flee and abandon the hostages without harm.

In a similar vein, the proactive efforts of the troops were on display in Katsina State, where troops responded to an abduction report in the Solar General Area of Batsari Local Government Area. 

Troops engaged the terrorists in a fierce gun battle, compelling them to abandon 17 kidnap victims, who were later safely returned to the care of Batsari Local Government officials.

In the Northeastern State of Borno, a notable incident occurred when Alhaji Wosai, identified as a notorious member of the Boko Haram Terrorists operating within the Garno Village, in Dikwa Local Government Area, voluntarily surrendered to troops. Wosai handed over his AK-47 rifle and a magazine containing two rounds of ammunition.

These operations, highlight the relentless efforts of Nigeria Army troops in combating terrorism and underscore their commitment to the safety and security of all citizens. 

Troops' resolve in addressing the threat posed by terrorists and kidnappers remains unwavering, as they continue to work towards restoring peace and stability in the affected regions.

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