Military Decries Unprovoked Attacks on Personnel, Warns of Morale Impact


The Nigerian military on Thursday decried the level of unprovoked attacks on its personnel by some Nigerians and public analysts on National TV programmes which is having negative consequences on troops' morale across all theatres of Operation.

Director, Defence Media Operations, Maj. General Edward Buba while addressing Defence Correspondents said utterances by populace is to support troops to keep the morale and fighting spirit at optimal at all times.

General Buba explained that looking at some recent events affecting troops morale and fighting spirit. First is the unprovoked killings of 17 personnel in Okuama in Delta State and then the recent assault of unarmed personnel in Banex Plaza in Abuja. These occurrences are worrisome and leaves much to be desired. To say the least, they are unwarranted and unhealthy for our national security.

He noted that these actions against troops by unscrupulous elements are counter productive and amounts to self sabotage and troops are real people. There are lawyers, doctors, nurses, technicians, accountants and all soughts of professionals amongst us.

"We are drawn from all parts of the country and therefore all Nigerians, and not an occupational army that invaded the country. We have loved ones, fathers, mothers, sister, brother, sons and daughters. We are the tip of the spears, utilised by the nation to fight and destroy the terrorist and adversary so that citizens can be safe.

"Our tireless efforts make it possible for citizens to go about their affairs with a sense of safety. Surely, this is no way to treat any human, and certainly not the way to treat a military man in uniform that fights to keep you safe. It speaks to the fact that, what transpired is all shades of wrong. Even at that, we have demonstrated a high sense of discipline, restraint and professionalism. 

"I must state clearly, that professionalism should not be mistaken for weakness. Indeed, we know that to win this war, we needs the support of people. We also hope that the people would equally realize that, they need the military to win the war to guarantee their safety. Accordingly, It goes is without saying that this must not repeat itself as it jeopardizes our common interest.

"If troops err, report them and the military justice system will address the matter. We are at war, and citizens must realize that they also have a responsibility by their actions and utterances to support troops to keep the morale and fighting spirit at optimal at all times. During otherwise is unpatriotic and amounts to self sabotage. Overall, we would continue to fight until the terrorists is defeated on the battlefield and help our nation flourish again."he said

General Buba affirmes that troops operations have denied the terrorist the ability to carry out major offensive and has significantly diminished their offensive capability.

It is for this reason, low level skirmishes and attacks are more prevalent, which are mostly on soft targets.

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