Chief of Air Staff Calls For Proactive Security Measures to Secure NAF Bases and Facilities Nationwide

To foster excellence in project management and security within Nigerian Air Force bases, the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar has called for a proactive security measures to secure Nigerian Air force (NAF) bases and facilities across the country which would not only ensure safety of personnel but crucial for national security.

Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar made the call today, 9th May 2024 at a one-day Air base construction and security workshop in Abuja with the theme "Optimizing Air base Security through Cost-Effective Construction Project Management for the Nigerian Airforce."

The Air Chief ably represented by the Chief of Aircraft Engineering, AVM Pius Oahimire noted that the workshop is  to enhance the security posture of it air bases while also optimizing resources.

He said he recognised the immense importance of ensuring the safety and efficiency of air bases, not only for the defense of the nation, but also for the protection of  personnel and assets.

“Our goal is not merely to secure our air business, but to do so in a manner that is efficient, sustainable and cost effective

“Mindful of the budgetary constraints that we face, the emplacement of physical security measures present us with a unique challenge. How do we achieve maximum security with minimal resources? The answer lies in innovation, collaboration and strategic planning.

“We must leverage the latest advancement in security technology to bolster our defenses while also exploring creative solutions that offer the greatest value for money. Moreover, collaboration between various stakeholders, including engineers, security experts and project managers, is essential to ensure that our efforts are coordinated and in synergy,” he said.

The Air Chief noted that this to be achieved, "professionalism should serve as guiding principle, compelling us to consistently deliver our best efforts wherever our responsibilities take us. Implementation of decisions reached at previous workshops has led to zero failed projects across NAF bases nationwide.

“The gathering is a sequel to a previous workshop on project and site management where we laid the foundation for effective project execution, coupled also with the logistic instruction that was released last year that talked on material specifications and building with infrastructural maintenance.

“I’m glad to note with these two we are glad to note that it has so far paid off and we have witnessed improved project execution. And I must say to this audience, we have close to zero failed projects so far.”

He charged participants at the workshop feel free to share their wealth of experiences. "Let’s learn from one another and forge partnership that will endure beyond the conference of this gathering. Together we can overcome any challenge and ensure that our airbases remain bastion of security and strength,” he said.

Earlier in his remarks, the coordinator of Project Implementation Management Team headquarters NAF, Air Vice Marshal Babatunde Phillips, said the workshop represents a continuation of NAF’s efforts to foster excellence in project management and security implementation.

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