From The Restoration of NYSC, WAEC, to Resettlement of IDPs, TC Operation HADIN KAI, General Shaibu Highlights Major Military Achievements in North East

Olayemi Esan, Maiduguri

The efforts of the Armed Forces of Nigeria AFN over the past 14 years of engaging in counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency operations in the region have degraded the insurgents to a large extent and brought about some significant restoration of peace and normalcy within the operating environment. 

Theatre Commander, Joint Task Force (NE) Operation HADIN KAI, Major General Wahid Shaibu disclosed this on Tuesday while acquainting members of Defence Correspondents activities of Joint Task Force (NE) Operation HADIN KAI to highlight take achievements as well as taking them round to visited some major troubled areas and communities like Chabol, Muna Garage, Molai, and Konduga to interact with leaders and residents.

Addressing journalists before the tour to  affected zones, theatre Commander JTF (NA) Operation Hadin Kai, General Shaibu, over the years, the various military operations conducted in the North East which have transformed from Ops RESTORE ORDER, BOYONA, ZAMAN LAFIYA, LAFIYA DOLE to the current designation, Joint Task Force (North East) Operation HADIN ΚΑΙ has provided the return of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation scheme to MAIDUGURI after over 12 years of suspension due to insurgents' activities in Borno State. 

He added also that, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) which, for some time could not hold in areas such as BANKI and GWOZA general areas are due to commence as a result of the return of relative peace in the areas.

He said the non-kinetic activities being conducted in addition to on-going operations which include respecting the basic rights of surrendered terrorists and their families as well as receiving and profiling them to create enabling conditions for the Borno-State Government to support them with feeding, accommodation, clothing and basic medical care. 

General Shaibu noted that the Theatre also facilitates enabling environment for rehabilitating and integrating repentant terrorist back into their communities by the state government. Our activities also include liaison with various Islamic sects, traditional leaders and leaders of all organization within areas affected by crises.

Also highlighting the achievements of Joint Task Force (NE) Operation HADIN KAI, the acting Cordinator Colonel Wasiu Ademola Adegoke revealed that the theatre is periodically organizing quiz and sport competition, protection of National critical infrastructure and also conducting medical outreach programs. In the ongoing clearance operations, we established areas for the convergence of women, children and the aged who were caught up in the operations areas. This is to give them initial palliatives before their evacuation to safe areas. This has warmed our way into their hearts as reflected in their reaction to our gesture.

Other engagements carried out by OPHK in her non- kinetic efforts in winning the hearts and mind of the populace include the distribution of leaflets and literature to encourage insurgents to surrender and dissuade locals from imbibing terrorist ideology. 

There are also print and electronic media broadcast in several different languages, community intervention programs and key leader engagements. Primary among these is the continuous sensitization of citizens and locals on the dangers of Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) and Unexploded Ordnances (UXO) particularly on the civil populace necessitating the need for more roads to be reconstructed across the theatre to reduce the possibility of IED emplacement by the terrorists. 

The theatre also uses persuasive fliers and radio jingles in English, Hausa, Fulfulde and Kanuri languages through Op HADIN ΚΑΙ Radio, Radio Dandal Kura and other electronic and print media. Series of meetings with religious, community, traditional and youth leaders as well as civil society organizations are also being undertaken.

"Most importantly, the Theatre has continued to provide worthwhile quick impact projects to communities affected by insurgency, through COAS CIMIC Intervention Projects. Notably, the Theatre has undertaken the renovation of a one-storey classroom in Zajiri Secondary School at BAGA Road, MAIDUGURI. It also provided a solar-powered borehole at JIDDARI POLO in MAIDUGURI, renovation of blocks of classroom at Lawal Mustapha School at KONDUGA, the construction of solar powered borehole in JAKANA and the distribution of notebooks to public schools across the theatre. " he stressed

On surrender of terrorists and their families to troops, since July 2021, according to Theatre Commander the achievements theatre has been witnessing massive surrender of terrorists and their families to troops. Currently, a total of 109,423 BHT fighters and their families have surrendered. Out of the surrendered persons, 19,241 were active male fighters, 33,686 are women while 56,496 are children. 

He pointed out that information obtained from detailed debriefings of the surrendered terrorists are being continually factored into the operations of the Theatre. Such debriefings are routinely undertaken as more fighters continue to surrender in their numbers.

He said, the conduct of a comprehensive Disarmament, De radicalization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programme by the Borno State Government in conjunction with International Organizations and OP SAFE CORRIDOR has continued to encourage the surrender of more persons and will be a catalyst to the ongoing peace process.

On the resettlement of displaced persons, the Theatre is also working in liaison with the Federal Government through the Borno State Government to resettle about 120,000 displaced person living in Cameroon back to the general area of GWOZA. Additionally, the Theatre Comd directed the GOC 7/Comd Sect 1 to carry out a de-mining exercise at KUMSHE general area to ensure the area is cleared of explosive hazards in order to create SASE for the proposed reconstruction work by the Borno State Government. This will also help to develop a timeline for the return of normaly and socio-economic activities in the area. This was successfully carried out by 47 EB

The Theatre also partnered with about 245 International and domestic Non-Governmental Organizations in the North East Theatre. Consequently, the Theatre has sustained the provision of armed escorts to humanitarian staff, NGOs as well as other stakeholders to facilitate their laudable activities across the NE region. These initiatives have further fostered healthy working relationships with humanitarian organisations across the Theatre. 

"Just a few days ago, the Theatre assisted the Kalthum Foundation to secure the release of 3 persons abducted by the terrorists in Cameroon that were taken to the Timbuktu Triangle. The victims have been re-united with their employers. 

The Theatre on it's Joint Investigation Centre where they handle detainees has been highly professional and in tandem with international humanitarian laws and best practices. commended by the United Nation Secretary General during his visit to Borno State and recently, we were commended by Al-Amin Foundation for Peace and Development for the exceptional way of promoting the development of women and children at the centre. Similarly, on 26 Mar this year, a total of 230 cleared BHT suspects comprising 219 males and 11 females were handed over to Borno State Government through the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.

The Centre has introduced basic education and skill acquisition programmes for detainees under investigation in a bid to keep them engaged, useful and valued. Physical training exercises and the ability to re-establish and restore family links with their loved ones is also being conducted in the Centre in conjunction with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). These developments have yielded very positive results among the suspects and equally attracted commendations from other partnering organizations.

The Joint Task Force (NE) OPHK has made some modest achievement in the past years like the restoration of relative peace and security including socio-economic activities across the theatre, provision of safe and secure environment leading to the resumption of NYSC orientation scheme which was hitherto suspended for over 12 years due to the activities of insurgents in Borno state, reovation of classrooms, construction of solar powered industrial boreholes, distribution of notebooks in primary and secondary schools,  and resumption of WAEC activities in Banki and GWOZA areas where the exams could not hold for some time due to insecurity.

There is also successful de-mining of KUMSHE area of explosive hazards, commendation of the Theatre for the humane management of detainees in the Joint Investigation Centre (JIC), reopening of some hitherto closed roads and communities. Their efforts have equally led to rescue of 18 Chibok school girls over the past 3 years. 

The JIF (NE) OPHK under the able leadership of Major General Waidi Shaibu is committed to the attainment of its mandate to totally defeat the terrorist and restore law and order to the North East Region as well as create an enabling environment for economic activities to thrive.  

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