Nigerian Navy Hosts Iftar Ceremony in Abuja to Celebrate Ramadan

The Nigerian Navy were joined by about 100 Guests to celebrate an iftar – the traditional act of breaking the fast in the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan.
The Chief of Naval Staff Annual Ramadan Iftar was organised by Naval Directorate of Islamic Affairs.

Speaking at the event, the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla emphasized the significant of the iftar in Navy, noting that this year Ramadan coincide with the lenten period of the the Christian faith.

He urged personnel to serve God by dedicating their lives for humanity and jointly continue to pray to God to intervene in situation of the country, peace and security of Nigeria.

"The essence of creation is to serve God. As military officers, how do we serve God. It is by doing his will. By using our position for the betterment of humanity for the betterment of the nation. 

He called on all Naval officers and Rating to have a rethink on serving God, noting that everything in life is temporal. He said humans are limited by time and space. 

In his remarks, the Special Guest of Honour,  Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, ably represented by Admiral Ola Ibrahim explained the importance of peace, which is not to be taken for granted. 

He thanked the NOWA President and the Chief of Naval Staff for making sure the Muslims and Christians spent about one and a half hour together. 

Earlier in his remarks, the Chief Imam Alhabibuyah Islamic Society of Nigeria, Imam Fuad Adeyemi admonishes guests on the essence of Creation which is to serve God.

He stressed that to serve God is to love him with all that we are, obeying, and enjoying him forever. Serving God is what we were made to do as his creatures, but our service has been corrupted by our sin and rebellion which has rendered us unable to please him. 

SpyeTV News reports that this year, the Chief of Naval Staff hosted a breaking of the fast for partner nations to attend, offering thanks for their welcome and support, but also give Nigerian Navy personnel an experience of the Islamic Holy Month, aiming to deepen their understanding of the faith.  

Those observing Ramadan were invited to break their fast with the customary dates and juice before gathering for Maghrib, the fourth of the five required daily prayers, led by the Imam in their various localities.

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