NAOWA President, Mrs Lagbaja Surprises Soldiers Wives, Widows, Distributes Food Items For Ramadan

 As a means of supporting thousands of the household of members of the Nigerian Army Soldiers’ Wives Association (NASWA), and Widows of Our Fallen Heroes, the Nigerian Army Officers Wives Association has giving out food items during this Ramadan Season.

The President of the Association (NAOWA), Mrs Mariya Lagbaja announced this today at the NAOWA Ramadan Outreach 2024 to the NASWA members and Widows of Our Fallen Heroes, both Officers and Men, who have paid the supreme price in the service to Nigeria on Monday 11th March 2024 in Abuja. 

Mrs Lagbaja said the outreach is organized as a demonstration of her commitment, love and solidarity for the barracks community.

She noted that the outreach is also a forum for them to come together in harmony and celebrate in the spirit of Ramadan.

"This sacred month is an opportunity for us to strengthen the bonds of love, unity, and respect that define us as one great community. I. n this wonderful season, we are gathered here to celebrate and share in the joy of giving and supporting one another as one great community united in love, solidarity and respect for each other.

"Please accept these items as a symbol of NAOWA’s love, commitment and dedication to the betterment of the barracks community."she noted

Mrs Lagbaja acknowledged and appreciated all NAOWA and NASWA members for their commitment in keeping the home-front, while their spouses are away carrying out their assigned duties.

She wished them and their families a Ramadan filled with blessings, joy, and prosperity. "May the spirit of this holy month bring peace and progress to our families, and to our dear nation Nigeria." she prayed.

The act of giving charity is very important in Islam, both during Ramadan and all around the year. Giving charity can be in many forms, donating money, donating materials like food or clothing, helping another person, or even smiling.

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