AANI Advocates For Paradigm Shift From Traditional all-society Approach to a more Inclusive Whole-nation Strategy

The Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI) has advocated for a paradigm shift from the traditional all-society approach to a more inclusive whole-nation strategy to tackle the multifaceted security challenges facing the nation. 

The Association in a statement by its National President, Ambassador Emmanuel Okafor, commended the efforts of the government, military, and security forces, but described the escalating spiral killings and abductions in various geo-political regions of Nigeria as extremely worrisome and disturbing. 

The statement said, AANI commended the efforts of the government, military, and security forces, AANI acknowledges that more needs to be done and emphasises the importance of adopting innovative strategies, tactics, and technology to effectively combat evolving threats. Therefore,  AANI calls on governments at various levels to redouble their efforts and implement robust measures to safeguard the lives and properties of Nigerians and residents.

Furthermore, during the Association's 2024 Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 2nd March 2024, at the Idris Abubakar’s Conference Hall at the National University Commission's complex, a seminar with the theme "Security is a Collective Responsibility" was conducted

The gravity of the security challenges in the northwest, northeast, north-central, and southeastern parts of the country is exemplified by the recent abductions, communal clashes, and tragic loss of lives. 

The recent incidents, including the abduction of over 200 schoolchildren in Kaduna State and other acts of violence across the nation, demand urgent attention from the government and security forces. AANI firmly believes that the current state of affairs necessitates a more comprehensive, whole-nation approach to address these pressing security issues bedevilling this nation.

AANI urged the government to consider and incorporate the perspectives of the Alumni Association in developing and implementing security measures. 

"As an influential and proactive organisation, AANI stands ready to collaborate with the government, traditional leaders, institutions, and other stakeholders to achieve lasting solutions to the security challenges facing the nation. 

The Assosciation also call for improved socio-economic conditions to address the root causes of unrest in the country and a whole-nation approach to security, emphasising collaboration between the federal, and state governments, military, security forces, traditional leaders, and citizens.


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