NASS Will Back Tinubu to Implement 2024 Budget – Speaker Abbas


Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, has said the National Assembly will support the 2024 budget implementation process to ensure it delivers on its expectation to Nigerians.

Hon Abbas, who was physically present while Tinubu was assenting to the 2024 budgetary appropriations on Monday, January 1, said Mr President in his address, mentioned on a lighter note, that the promise of delivering the dividends of democracy based on the 2024 budget is not a beer palour promise, that it will be delivered and it is a budget that will lay the foundation of the renewed hope agenda.

Abbas said, “I believe this is the budget that the Nigerian people are waiting for. This is the budget the Nigerian people are yearning for, we’ll make sure that together, we’ll be able to deliver it well.

“I would also want to take you a little back for you to know the progress we have made.

“Mr President has signed two other bills. The first one is the supplementary appropriation bill of 2023, which he has accepted to extend it by 90 days. So, it will continue to work concurrently with the 2024 budget up to March 31.

“He has also approved the 2023 main budget for it to also concurrently operate with the capital component of the 2024 budget up to March 31, 2024.

“Another landmark achievement we had was also approving the securitisation of the ways and means which has effectively brought to an end these controversial means and ways of borrowing money. And he has assured Nigerians that this will be the last of this kind of ugly incident.”

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