More On Ibadan Explosion: FactCheck on Owner of the Explosive and His Mining Business in Oyo State

In pix: the crater created after the explosion

Writer:  Barrister Muideen Olagunju Alatede

I can authoritatively inform you that the explosion in Ibadan is the handiwork of a Malian immigrant engaged in mining operations in the Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State. His name is SAWANE YOUSSOUF. 

He has been stockpiling explosives in a house (unknown if he owns it or if he rented it) for years. These explosives he stored for his extensive mining business. How he was able to do that in a residential estate with few eyebrows raised is a failure of intelligence at both government and community levels. 

To think the location is just a stone's throw from the Government Secretariat is damning. His negligent stupidity as well as the government's taciturn approach to the security of lives and properties have caused unnecessary deaths, injuries and property damage. 

I searched the website of the Corporate Affairs Commission to find that SAWANE YOUSSOUF incorporated a company on May 17, 2004, called SDYB International Company Nigeria Limited with RC 511184. This is the list of directors:

1) Sawane Youssouf

2) Darame Ibrahima 

3) Yattara Ibrahim

4) Bakare Hakeem Oladimeji

By their names, three of the four directors hail from Mali. 

People I talked to revealed that Sawane has a lot of Malian boys working under him in the Bodija area. It is reported each one of them might have explosives in the various rented accommodation they stay in. The government must immediately determine where his boys live and take proper charge of explosives in their possession.

I have credible information also that Sawane allegedly used police, DSS and other security operatives to move his explosives and other logistics. It shows complicity. 

It is unclear whether Sawane was in the house when the explosion occurred. If he was, I doubt he would survive the magnitude of the blast. Everything within a 100-metre radius of the blast site is flattened. 

Lots of documents were found strewn on the grounds of surrounding houses that reveal Sawane has been involved in several petitions to the police, particularly from the mining host communities in Iwajowa Local Government Area of Oyo State. 

The petitions main gist is cheating. Sawane is not paying his dues to the communities. I saw documents pertaining to a civil suit in court. If I could find the documents on the ground, hold them and read them, what exactly is the job of security operatives at the scene? Important evidence are being lost as every Tom, Dick and Harry is finding and taking the documents away. 

Questions will be asked about the Landlords Association in Adeyi, New Bodija. Questions will be asked about intelligence gathering by security outfits. 

Questions will be asked about how a Malian has such latitude to possess large caches of explosives and store them in his residence. Questions will be asked about our lack of preparedness for emergency situations. 

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