Joyful Moments as Chief of Army Staff Hosts 2023 Christmas Carol, Nine Lessons in Abuja

Yes! Christmas is here! Arguably, the best holiday ever! In the spirit of the Yuletide season, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Taoreed Lagbaja hosted personnel, families, and friends of the Nigerian Army for the COAS Christmas Carol 2023, and Carol of Nine Lessons in Abuja

It was all fun, pure joy, and excitement as the barrack community trooped out en mass to have a fill of the carol atmosphere of worship and praise. 

Armed Forces Mass Choir where exceptional in delivering Carol songs like The First Noel, Once in a Royal David's City, Oh Little Town in Bethlehem, and some beautiful memorable congregational hymns which were led by Lt.Col Kachiro.

The climax of the Carol is when participants screamed in ecstasy when invited guest artistes like Solomon Lange, Kaestrings from Jos, Helen Samson from Kaduna, and Debora Owolabi among others mounted the stage to minister in song. The Combine Christian Women Fellowship also thrill the audience with a carol song in their native language. A playlet was presented by a Drama Unit from Area Command of the Nigeria Police Force.

The nine lessons were read by service Chiefs, Chief of Defence Intelligence, Inspector General of Police, DEPOWA, and NAOWA Presidents. 

In his Christmas Goodwill message, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Taoreed Lagbaja stressed that the Christmas season is unique in many ways because of what it symbolizes. it's about love, hope giving and sharing giving cognizant that the gift of Christ to the world is borne out of God's Love for humanity.

"As military men and women our lives are one of sacrifice and duty. it is because we stay awake as guidance of our land for some people who sleep at night in peace and joy which is paid for with blood, limbs and family pressure, we choose to sacrifice.

"For our warriors in the frontline, and their families back in units, I must say I quite understand what you feel this season. Because I have served in many Theatres of operations and I have been away from my family and loved ones in a time like this. I understand the loneliness that the military family endured and the whole sickness our troops in the frontline battled.

The army Chief added that it is part of the sacrifices you make for the love of our nation and humanity, i am proud to say, that your bravery, service and dedication serve as an example to many out of uniform and I convey the gratitude of our government and people for all you do.

It is in light of feeling the gap created by deployment away from loved ones that the army headquarters and other services headquarters organise an event such as this Christmas Carol Service and other social together for us to create a sense of belonging for our military families at home and our troops in the frontline.

He thanked troops for their services to the Nigerian army and the nation at large as they celebrate the season away from their loved ones.

He urged troops to share joyful moments with colleagues and extend love by giving to the less privileged around them. "Let us find solace in the camaraderie that bonds us together as a formidable force against adversaries. Remember you are not alone in this fight, the entire nation stands behind you supporting you at every step to defeating our adversaries," he noted

The army Chief concluded his Christmas goodwill message with a merry Christmas song after which the Armed Forces Mass Choir in unison and harmonizing tones delivered the Hallelujah Chorus.

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