Army Remains Committed to Upholding Trust Reposed by Nigerians - Spokesperson Refutes Unfounded Allegations Against Maj. Gen Akerejola

The Nigerian Army has noted with great concern the deliberate and concerted efforts to mislead the public by Sahara Reporters through a mischievous and smear campaign against the Chief of Logistics (Army) Major General Erema Akerejola over an unfounded allegation of a property in the United States with proceeds from contract scams.

Ordinarily, this bogus accusation would not have necessitated any reaction from the Nigerian Army, however, because the Nigerian Army holds transparency and accountability as some of its core values, it is necessary to set the record straight.

Director Army Public Relations, Brig. General Onyema Nwachukwu in a press statement explained in details to counter the Sahara Reporters news. 

Brig. General Nwachukwu said, First and foremost, the property in question, located in the United States, was indeed acquired 12 years ago on a monthly mortgage basis, which is still being paid by Mrs Akerejola, who has lived and worked in the US for the past 19 years. 

He said, alluding to insinuations that the owner of the property comes from a poor background is a slap on the face of every hardworking Nigerian, who has made something positive of themselves, despite their birth circumstances.

"It is important to note that General Akerejola was only appointed about 6 months ago as the Chief of Logistics Nigerian Army, while the property was acquired about 12 years ago.  

"Accordingly, the vague report intentionally failed to mention the year of acquisition. Therefore, ignoring those details to achieve sensationalism and satisfy his thirst to mischievously mislead the public was rather the ulterior motive.  Little wonder, the writer did not provide any shred of proof for the story, other than the supposed words of unnamed sources, who appear disgruntled, if at all, they even exist. 

"It is expedient to state that the real intention or otherwise of the infamous online media in publishing such toxic concoctions at this critical period is targeted at causing disaffection and shaking the table within the Army. 

"The NA's commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity remains unwavering and would not condone any form of corruption or fraudulent activities within its ranks. 

"Regrettably, such unfounded allegations have been made against a highly respected officer of the Nigerian Army who has a distinguished record of service and has consistently demonstrated utmost professionalism and dedication to duty throughout his career.

Nigerian army therefore urged the public to exercise caution and refrain from spreading false information capable of tarnishing the reputation of individuals who have dedicated their lives to the service of our nation. We also implore the media to carry out their responsibilities with the highest level of professionalism, ensuring that accurate and verified information is disseminated to the public.

The Nigerian Army remains committed to its mission of protecting the territorial integrity of our great nation and serving as a force for good. We will continue to hold ourselves accountable to the Nigerian people and operate with transparency and integrity at all times.

It must be asserted that the NA under the current leadership has remained resolute in carrying out its constitutional role and will vigorously continue to implement welfare programmes for the benefit of all personnel. 

Troops deployed in ongoing operational engagements are putting in their best in defence of the nation and should be encouraged, rather than plotting disaffection amongst them. 

Nigerian army assured the public that any allegation of wrongdoing within our ranks will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken in accordance with the provisions of the law. The Nigerian Army remains committed to upholding the trust reposed on it by Nigerians. 

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