"Routine Checkup, a Panacea For Early Detection"- NAFOWA President, Approves Free Breast Cancer Screening

To commemorate this year’s cancer month, the NAFOWA National President, Mrs Rakiya Abubakar has approved free cancer screening for all members of NAFOWA and AWA as well as 50% discount for members of DEPOWA, NAOWA, NOWA and POWA respectively.

Mrs Rakiya Abubakar disclosed this today, 7th October, 2023 at the  NAFOWA Cancer Awareness Walk, with the theme “Routine checkup, a panacea for early detection” to emphasis the economical value of early detection through routine check up, of cancer and other human ailment.  

"This means that when we actualize the habit of routine medical check up, we will spend less in treating identified illnesses and thereby save more in finances and stand the chance of living a long life.

"Upon assumption of office, I was disturbed with the low patronage of the NAFOWA Cancer Screening Centre situated in NAF Base Bill Clinton Drive. After a careful assessment, it was concluded that the distance from the city center to the hospital is largely responsible for the low patronage. 

"I immediately sought collaborations with reputable medical facilities in town to create an annex which will be used for sample collection weekly. To this effect, I am most pleased to inform you all that the Guards Brigade Medical Centre in Mambilla Barracks Asokoro is now our Sample Collection Centre and this service will be offered every day." she noted

Mrs Rakiya Abubakar stressed that wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity and since NAFOWA is dedicated to serve humanity, a 50% discount on all the Services of our Cancer Screening Centre is also extended to the general public for the rest of the month.

In her remarks, the Special guest of honour, Former Minister of Women Affairs, Dr. Dame Paullen Tallen noted that routine checkup allows for early detection of not only cancer but other ailments that can be disastrous to one’s life. The early detection of any problem, medical or societal, provides the ample opportunity for correction, treatment and strengthening with very little resources and time. 

Dr. Dame Paullen Tallen commends the National President of NAFOWA Architect Mrs Rakiya Abubakar and her team for organizing this event and choosing an apt and objective theme for the year 2023 NAFOWA cancer awareness and sensitization talk.

She salutes the sterling leadership qualities of the NAFOWA National President by establishing a sample collection center in the heart of Abuja through collaborations with Guards Brigade Medical Center and even offering free cancer screening for all NAFOWA and AWA members. 

"I also observed with excitement that the rates of all cancer screening services in NAFOWA Cancer Screening Center remains the cheapest in Abuja. Truly, NAFOWA is an association dedicated to the service of humanity.

She also appeal and encourage members of NAFOWA, AWA and the general public to imbibe the habit of routine medical checkup to ascertain the status of their health and that of their families. "We are encouraged to get medical advise on our diets, routine exercises as well as mental state."she said.

There were free medical care for all attendees

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