DEPOWA President, Mrs. Musa Launches Monthly Walk For Good Health At All Barracks to Enhance Officers’ Wives Fitness

The Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association, DEPOWA Mrs. Oghogho Gwabin Musa has launched the commencement of  monthly Officers’ Wives Association Walk on a monthly basis being rotational among the various barracks of the Associations.

Mrs. Musa said this today, 21st October 2023 at the DEPOWA Awareness Cancer walk with the Theme: "Walk For Good Health" at Mogadishu Cantonment in Abuja.

For the past three days DEPOWA has been having series of health activities based on Breast Cancer which is one dreaded disease that affects homes and therefore the need for women and girls to be aware. 

Mrs. Musa stressed that with the effective walk, the next will be hosted in November by NAOWA in any of the Army barracks chosen. This will further solidify the bonding amongst the various officers’ Wives Associations. 

"According to GM Travelan she said and I quote “After a day’s walk, everything has twice its value” therefore, we should always know that walking is the best medicine for every human being. Furthermore, all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking so I will urge you all that if you seek creative ideas go out walking." She noted

SpyeTV in a recap reports that on the first day of the Outreach, Medical equipment’s were donated to the DHQ Medical Centre, DEPOWA President also visited patients on admission and series of Breast Cancer Awareness practical lessons and screenings were done by various facilitators drawn from different medical fields for Women, schoolgirls and also donation of school bags and writing materials were given to children of our fallen heroes.

In furtherance of her pledge to prioritise the welfare and well-being of esteemed members of DEPOWA with a proactive approach and impactful initiatives, the President of the Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association, Mrs. Oghogho Gwabin Musa has sensitised over 200 Adolescent girls from tri-service schools on Human Papilloma Virus Infection and its Vaccine, to prevent young generation from Cervical Cancer, as prevention is better than cure.

And the day 3, As part of activities for the medical outreach all targeted towards creating awareness and sensitizing women and children on cancer, the President DEPOWA, Mrs Oghogho Gwabin Musa has reached out to the orphans and vulnerable children who deserve to be provided with essential services. 

Mrs Musa reached out to different categories of vulnerable children here as well as the children of fallen heroes to provide health care, educational and vocational training, House economic strengthening,  food and nutrition and shelter and protection including legal Support. 

And today, the final day, there was DEPOWA Awareness Cancer walk which is also coinciding with the commencement of the monthly Officers’ Wives Association Walk that we agreed to be on a monthly basis being rotational among the various barracks of our Associations and with the commencement here at Mogadishu Cantonment.

October is a breast cancer awareness month and this is important because breast cancer is the second commonest cancer in the world while cervical cancer is the 4th most frequent cancer in women.

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