"239,746 Are Yet to Collect their PVCs in Kogi, Imo and Bayelsa States"- INEC Reveals

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has revealed that about 239,746 are yet to collect their Permanent Voters' Cards (PVCs) in Bayelsa, Imo and Kogi States. 

National Commissioner & Chairman, Information and Voter Education Committee, Sam Olumekun said this in a press statement on Monday 30th October 2023 give the breakdown for the three States indicates that out of 1,056,862 registered voters in Bayelsa State, 1,017,613 have collected their PVCs and 39, 249 are uncollected. 

Olumekun added that in Imo State, the number of registered voters is 2,419,922 out of which 2,318,919 have collected their PVCs and 101,003 are uncollected, while in Kogi State, out of 1,932,654 registered voters, 1,833,160 have collected their PVCs and leaving 99,494 uncollected.

The detailed information has been uploaded to the Commission's website www.inecnigeria.org

He said the Commission is publishing the comprehensive information of collected and uncollected Permanent Voters' Cards (PVCs) in the three States on polling unit basis as they did in recent elections, including the 2023 General Election. 

"The information also gives the distribution of the polling units by Local Government Areas, Registration Areas/Wards, the names of the polling units, their code numbers, number of registered voters and the number of collected as well as uncollected PVCs.

"Equally significantly, the list provides the names and locations of the two polling units in Bayelsa State and 38 in Imo State without registered voters.

"We appeal to all stakeholders to note the information. Any vote from a polling unit in excess of the number of PVCs collected amounts to over voting. The number of PVCs collected shall be used  for the computation of the margin of lead principle."he noted

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