Nigeria's Defence Chief Urges MNJTF to Leverage on Intl' Partners Support to Enhance Effectiveness of Joint Operations

The Nigeria's Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Gwabin Musa has urged the leadership of the MNJTF to leverage on the support provided by international partners to enhance effectiveness of military joint operations.

General Musa said this at the closing of the maiden DHQ Joint Task Force Commanders Conference, 2023 in Abuja. 

While emphasizing the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with the communities the military serve, General Musa stressed that the trust and support of the local population are critical in militart efforts to counter insurgency, terrorism, and other security challenges.

"We must continue to engage with community leaders, religious leaders, and other stakeholders, listening to their concerns, addressing their grievances, and involving them in the decision-making processes. By doing so, we can gain valuable insights, foster cooperation, and build resilient communities that are actively involved in securing their own futures.


The Defence Chief also acknowledged the invaluable support received from international partners. He said the challenges military faced are not confined within our borders, and it is through strong partnerships and collaboration that can effectively address them. 

"I extend my deepest appreciation to our international allies for their unwavering solidarity and assistance. Let us continue to strengthen these relationships, explore opportunities for joint exercises and capacity building, and learn from the experiences of our global counterparts."he said

The Defence Chief therefore reiterated his profound gratitude to all JTF Commanders for their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to nation's security. 

"The responsibility we carry is weighty and the challenges we face are formidable, but I have full confidence in your capabilities and unwavering resolve. 

"As we return to our respective units/theatre commands, let us carry with us the knowledge, insights, and connections we have gained during this conference. Let us implement the lessons learned and the best practices shared. Let us use the momentum generated here to drive positive change and improve the effectiveness of our joint operations." he noted

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