New Commander of MNJTF Sector 3 Assumes Office Affirms to Lead by Example

In a bid to bolster ongoing efforts to combat terrorism in the region, the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) hosted the new acting Sector 3 Commander, Brig Gen Maxwell Dangana, at its Headquarters in Ndjamena on 30 August 2023.

Brig Gen Dangana, who was appointed recently stated that his visit is to formally introduce himself and receive further directives for his new role. His visit serves as an opportunity for him to familiarize himself with the Headquarters and its operations.

Brig Gen Dangana expressed gratitude for the warm welcome he received from the MNJTF leadership and affirmed his commitment to leading by example. He assured the Force Commander that he would work tirelessly to fulfill his responsibilities and contribute to the overall success of the MNJTF's mandate.

During the visit, the Force Commander, Maj Gen Ibrahim Sallau Ali emphasized the need for quality leadership and urged Brig Gen Dangana to provide exemplary guidance to his subordinates. He stressed the importance of scaling up operations to rid the area of responsibility from any remnants of terrorist activities.

Furthermore, the Force Commander advised Brig Gen Dangana to adopt a populations-centric approach in his operations. He urged him to ensure the inclusion of local communities, emphasize respect for human rights, and consider the welfare and interests of the people in the execution of his mission.

The appointment of Brig Gen Dangana as the new Sector Commander for Sector 3 signifies the commitment of the MNJTF to intensify its efforts in securing the region and eradicating the menace of terrorism.

As Sector 3 covers a significant portion of the MNJTF's operational area, the appointment Brig Gen Dangana is expected to enhance the effectiveness of operations and improve coordination among the sectors.

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