Air Chief Unveils 5 Key Enablers of His Leadership Philosophy, Presents Brand New Hilux Toyota Vehicles to 7 AWOs

...... mèets with Branch Chiefs, Commandants of Tri-service institutions, Air Officers Commanding and Commanders of Direct Reporting Units 

The Chief of Air Statff, Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar has charged Air Officers Commanding and field Commanders, on their conducts and action in the field and to be guided by the 5 key enablers of his philosophy to bring it to fruition.

The Air Chief gave the charge at the maiden meeting with Branch Chiefs, Commandants of Tri-service institutions, Air Officers Commanding and Commanders of Direct Reporting Units to rub minds and share ideas on how to move the NAF forward as well as address pressing issues as it concerns our various Bases. 

Unveiling the 5 key enablers of his philosophy, the air Chief reiterated that he will leverage on technology, innovation, lessons learnt as well as the personnel and fleets to effectively checkmate the security threats confronting Nigeria

The Air Cheif said his philosophy therefore intends to avail NAF personnel with a holistic view and focus on how they intend to accomplish the NAF Mission as espoused in the 2017 NNDP document.

He said, the focus of his command philosophy is, “To transform the NAF into an agile and resilient force that effectively meets the airpower demands of national security in all operational environments.”

Rolling out his 5 key enablers, the Air Chief said that this would give bite to my philosophy. The key enablers are; Optimizing Force Structure and Establishment for enhanced operational effectiveness, deliberate training and mission-oriented force development, Proactive logistics support and strong maintenance culture, Prioritizing R&D leveraging cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships and lessons learnt and Maintaining a highly motivated force by enhancing welfare and infrastructural renewal.

"I am confident that the actualization of my philosophy would lead to the attainment of the main objective of the 2017 NNDP that security is the cornerstone of development and progress in a free society which guarantees the wellbeing of citizens and stability of the Nigerian State," he said.

Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar urged that immediate and proactive steps will be taken to reorganize the NAF into an outfit that would deliver the requisite capabilities in line with the requirements of my philosophy

He noted that in the coming months, we will be taking delivery of additional platforms to boost air power employment and projection capabilities as well as air combat training. No doubt these acquisitions are clear signs of the FGN’s willingness to lead in combating national and regional threats to peace and security. 

"Efforts have also been emplaced to enhance platform serviceability, which has led to us maintaining an average serviceability status of over 70 per cent with positive implications on ongoing joint and independent operations. Considering our modest ORBAT, coupled with efforts emplaced to enhance platform serviceability vis-à-vis our current security environment, only a carefully thought-out strategy guided by a strong philosophy can adequately situate the NAF to address the Nation’s security challenges." He stressed. 

He commend led all personnel for their commitment in tackling the current security challenges facing our nation. "I am particularly glad about the recent heightened level of air operations across all our joint operations theatres which has seen us record tremendous outcomes. 

He implored all personnel to use this medium to interact frankly and objectively while proffering solutions and strategies that will translate to actionable consequences on the ground. "I am confident that the resolutions we would reach and indeed the decisions we will take, will help us move the NAF to greater heights."

The Air Chief also presented brand new Hilux Toyota vehicles to some of Air Warrant Officers in honour of their selfless services to the NAF, the Armed Forces and the nation at large, having attained the pinnacle of the airmen’s cadre. 

The Air Cheif said this is also in keeping with the Harmonized Terms and Conditions of Service (HTACOS) and in line with one of the key enablers of his Command Philosophy to, ‘Maintain a highly motivated force by enhancing welfare and infrastructural renewal’. 

He is optimistic that this will spur those coming up to work harder and aspire as they all fudge onwards towards contributing their best to the growth of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF).

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