Man Seeks For DNA After Observing Daughter Shares Resemblance With Wife’s Boss

An Abuja based man believes that his wife committed paternity fraud because their six-year-old child does not resemble any of them.

After visiting his wife’s workplace last Friday and observing that their daughter had a strong resemblance to her employer, he decided to bring his daughter in for a DNA test.

The bewildered man turned to social media to urge internet users to point him in the direction of a hospital where he might receive DNA testing in the Federal Capital Territory.

He wrote;

“Where they do cheap DNA testimg in Abuja. Biko. Help me. This woman I married wants to run me mad. This face I see on this Baby isn’t mine in any way.

My baby is 6 years old and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She does not look like either of us. Last Friday, I went to my wife’s office, You won’t believe that her boss is an exact replica of my daughter.”

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