Nigerians React as Customs Moves To Ban Second-Hand Clothes (Okrika)

The Customs Service has announced its intention to place a ban on the sale of second-hand clothes popularly called Okrika in Nigeria.

During a recent interview, a Customs Service spokesperson said that the sale of Okrika clothing is injurious to the country.

He said: “Okrika clothes are injurious to the health of the nation. That is why government deem it fit that it should be banned.

“One should be curious. Nobody knows how and who used these clothing. And most importantly smugglers desirous to turn Nigeria into a dumping ground. We should not accept it.

“We are a country well blessed with human and natural resources. Why will someone go and bring used products?”

The development has stirred reactions from netizens.

Reacting to the video, tonia.gram_ said: “Let the poor breaffff. Don’t suffocate us 😭😭😭.”

Babajideedges stated: “I’m sure the same person who raised the fuss about my beloved ponmo is behind this. Don’t worry guys, they failed with ponmo, they will fail with this also.

Insensitive bunch that are paying 30k minimum wage but are here forming National Classism. Asan Oniranu.

Abuse of priority!”

Brandy_ish commented: “These people are so disconnected from the true plights of the people. This is how the really poor are able to afford clothing. Like how are we so blessed with clueless people at the top? Until they deepen the gap between the rich and the poor, they can’t rest. God abeg save this country cos I don’t even understand anymore.”

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