Oriflame Wellness from Sweden, A Supplement with Results



Our wellness pack provide a broad spectrum of nutrients :12 vitamins, 10 minerals, 250mg EPA and DHA and antioxidants.

It is packed in individual daily satchets and in each satchet, we have :

✅2 omega 3 fatty acids capsules 

✅1 multivitamins and minerals capsule

✅1 antioxidant capsule

All 4 capsules are taken daily.


✅️ Eliminate tiredness & fatigue 

✅️ Boost energy to take on work, life and everything else

✅️ Promotes weight loss in addition to a healthy diet

✅️ Boost immunity and body function

✅️ Promotes healthy and glowing skin, hair & nails 

✅️ Improves healthy vision

✅️ Boosts focus and mental performance

✅️ Promotes healthy heart functions and blood vessels

✅ Slows down aging process and combats wrinkles.

✅️ Improves performance during exercise 

✅️ Improves prostate health 

✅ Promotes hormonal regulations and levels

✅ Improves Skeletal and Bone health

✅Promotes a healthier diet and Lifestyle

✅Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases

✅Improves Gastrointestinal health and function

✅Optimises Ovarall bodily function

It is:


Gluten free 

Has no preservatives 

No artificial colourants

No added sugar

Developed in Sweden 

Halal compliant

Friend of the sea(FOS) endorsed

Suitable for 16 years old and above.

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