Was Omojuwa Hacked? Reactions As JJ Omojuwa Posts Peter Obi's Campaign Poster

Was Omojuwa hacked?

Blogger JJ Omojuwa has been trending on social media after posting a campaign paraphernalia of Peter Obi on his Twitter handle.

Recall that JJ Omojuwa was one of the arrowheads of the Buhari campaign in 2015, advocating for good governance after almost every Nigerian believed that Jonathan had failed.

He became so influential in that period as people saw him as patriotic and wanting the best for Nigeria.

Now, fast forward to 2023 elections when just like 2015, almost every Nigerian agrees that Buhari has failed woefully which has made his party unattractive to most voters and coupled with the party presenting Tinubu as her presidential candidate, people expected Omojuwa to be on the side of the people like he was in 2015 but he unfortunately descended into rhetoric for most of the times and outright attack on Peter Obi some other times.

Because of the above, majority of netizens dismissed him for standing with those they believe to the oppressors of Nigerians.

But Omojuwa held his guns and insisted he cannot be bullied into supporting Peter Obi.

So, it was a surprise when he posted the campaign flier of Peter Obi.

People are wondering what happened.

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