Man On Trial For Refusing To Wear Condom During S*X With 'Call-Girl'

A man on trial for rape for allegedly refusing to wear a condom on the third time he had s*x with a woman in a one-night stand has told the jury it was 100 per cent consensual.

Imomotimi Wilson, 30, met his alleged victim in a pub and she agreed to go back to his house but told him she would only have s*x if he used protection.

They had consensual s*x twice but on the third occasion, the victim claimed that Wilson failed to
use a condom.

The woman, a 40-year-old, said Wilson treated her 'like a piece of meat' as the alleged attack took place.

She said he held her hands over her head and told her 'if you love me you'll do it' before molesting her for 15-20 seconds.

But giving evidence at his trial at Cambridge Crown Court Wilson said 'she said stop and that's when I stopped'.

He said: 'She said I feel like having s*x again and I said "Yes, I feel like having s*x with you as well again but there is no condom".

'She was romancing me, touching and kissing, and I said no, I do not want to do that because there is no condom.

'She started kissing me again and then I penetrated her. I believed 100 per cent it was consensual.

'Then she said stop and that's when I stopped. There were three seconds of penetration.'

The court heard how the pair met at The Regal pub in Cambridge on June 9 last year and took a taxi back to Wilson's shared house in the city at 2am.

She then spent most of the evening in bed with the defendant before leaving the property at around 6am.

The court heard how she phoned police later that afternoon and Wilson was arrested.

Caroline Allison, prosecuting, said: 'The prosecution say that she had made it perfectly clear in plain straight-forward language that the situation was no condom, no s*x and that nothing had happened in the intervening period that would invite a reasonable belief that she was indeed consenting to unprotected s*x.'

Wilson, of Cambridge, has pleaded not guilty to rape after claiming he stopped on the third time the woman said no.

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